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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About A Business Telecom Company

February 27th, 2020 | 7 min. read

By John Taylor


Do you remember when placing a caller on hold and paging the recipient to pick up the correct line was tricky? Today, business telecom has merged telephony (telephone use) with data and video to create a sophisticated yet integrated system far more capable than parking a caller on line one. 

The solutions are astounding and ever-changing, so a qualified business telecom provider is every company's best friend. Are you happy with yours? The telecommunications industry is one where all providers are not created equally. 

A vast range exists in customer service, expertise, and product availability. If your phone lines or networks are all tied up, the last thing you want is a telecom provider who puts you on hold, can't solve your issue, or keeps you waiting for repairs. 

The best business telecom companies are an invaluable asset to your productivity. But, the worst ones can bring your business to a screeching halt. In this article, we’re giving you ten qualities that make up a great business telecommunications company so that you don’t settle for mediocre services. 

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Top Qualities in a Business Telecom Company

1. Responsiveness Is Always Key

Your telecom system is what allows you to respond to the world. More importantly, it's the lifeline to your coworkers and customers. You know how important it is to return a phone call, answer a text, or reply to an email. Shouldn't your business telecom provider exemplify that priority? 

If your provider leaves you on hold or cycles you through a useless set of FAQs or chatbot prompts, they don't value the very thing they provide. At AIS, responsiveness is a top priority, and one of the reasons our customers are so satisfied.


2. Quick Resolution Means Little Downtime

Downtime is costly, and each minute counts. Consider the lost revenue, lost productivity, and loss of potential clients who click away from your website or hang up when they can't get through. 

Some business telecom companies employ technicians with limited experience who can't provide a solution to the problem. You then not only lose the time they spent trying to fix it, but you also have to find someone else who can. We can safely assume that any downtime you may face is something you simply can’t afford. 

It's imperative to partner with a team like AIS, who requires extensive experience and training of every technician so that your systems are always back up and running promptly.


3. One-Call Resolution

If you've already lost a day of work to troubleshooting, you can't afford follow-up visits. Some companies don't travel with adequate equipment to fix the problem in one stop. 

Don't waste time with a company that performs a diagnostic visit, then an assessment visit, then a repair visit, and so on. How inefficient! This puts more money in their pockets while robbing you of valuable time and resources. 

It’s important that you’re partnering with a telecom team whose techs arrive with everything on hand to solve your issues on the spot. Or even better, they have a parts runner for when you’re in the field and need back-up products. 


4. Breadth of Products

Business telecom is rapidly changing, and telcos (telecom company) need to reflect that growth. Whether you want to install an on-premise phone system or redesign your whole infrastructure, one thing for certain is that your needs will grow as the field of business telecom expands. 

You need a company that's primed to supply your changing needs at a moment's notice. A great telecom provider means they give you everything from cloud and hosted systems to IP and digital telephony. 

An ever better telecom company may also provide you with a call center, call recording, mobility services, and mobile phone solutions for your business. Your telecom services team must understand the need for tech integration for businesses of all sizes, no matter the industry. 


5. A Local Business Telecom Provider

Many telecom companies work from a central location and don't provide last-mile service. But some telecom issues are too complex to fix over the phone or through a digital tutorial.

Particularly when you are implementing a new system, an on-site tech is a crucial component. You want a company with whom you can form a personal relationship with and call on in an emergency. 

AIS has 5 locations, so your dedicated tech is only a few blocks away. As everything becomes more digitized, we understand the importance of face-to-face interaction and customized installation to familiarize you with your new systems.


6. End-to-End Service

When your technician is on the way, you get a sense of relief, right? Well, of course… until they tell you they have to call in someone else. Then, someone else has to call in another expert once the job gets out of their scope. 

Some telecom companies only specialize in certain areas, like phone lines, internet services, or network connectivity. You want a provider that covers all the bases, so they aren't subcontracting out all the steps. 

More damage often occurs when different companies combine to work on a single infrastructure. Stick with a team that is self-sufficient and knows how all systems interact with each other. 


7. Customized Telecom Roadmap

Have you ever heard of an IT or telecom roadmap? A business telecom company should help you create a technology roadmap so that you can stay ahead of the curve—-and make your technology work for you.They can train you on the equipment and technology you currently use but also paint a picture of what you may need down the road. 

They know how to implement technology as you need it, rather than bombarding you with everything all at once. You deserve experts who are dedicated to staying on top of telecom and communication industry trends, so you don't have to. 

It’s essential to partner with a telecom company that has supervisory experience and market intelligence to make sure you're one step ahead of competitors.


8. Clear and Unified Communication

What good is a cloud phone system if you don't even know how to use it? I think we can all agree that nowadays, technology is growing faster than most people's brains can consume or comprehend it. 

A great telecom company has qualified techs that bring the expertise to your business—so you can focus on what you are an expert in. These qualified techs know how to convey the information in ways that even a beginner can understand and are always available to answer any questions you might have.


9. Collaboration

Communication yields collaboration. Whether you're hosting a meeting with peer-to-peer video or sharing a presentation over a web interface, your telecom system requires some sort of collaboration. 

You want a company that simplifies the process and provides a broad range of collaborative methods. More importantly, you want them to be great collaborators, working with you to help your business excel. 

AIS treats each client as an individual with unique and specific needs. We work with the smallest business owners, all the way to the largest call centers to create a personalized plan specific to the ever-changing needs of a business.


10. Transparency

Common problems that business owners face are telecom companies who invoice in vague and confusing language. It's easy for techs to tack on extra hours or charges for unused parts when the average business owner doesn't know or understand the lingo. 

Make sure you dedicate the time to find a company who prides themselves on accurate invoicing and transparency in their pricing. You want to make sure that you won't be caught off guard with the invoices you receive or pay for a problem that remains unresolved. 

Remember, a business telecom provider is a business, too. They should understand and value your trust in them.

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The Final Say on Business Telecom Companies

We know it can be tricky when searching for a business telecom provider that will best suit the needs of your growing business and customers. Take some time to do your research and remember that the more informed you are, the better purchasing decisions you’ll make. 

At AIS, we’re not just an office technology company. We are a solutions-based organization who is determined to guide you through every step of your technology journey. Your success is our success, and we’re here to help your business continue on its path of growth and success. To learn more about telecommunications services or any of the products we offer, reach out to us here. We’re here to give you peace of mind to help you win more business. 


John Taylor

As our Senior Technology Consultant, John Taylor has been in the business technology industry for over 20 years.