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Desktop Printers

Desktop Printers are great for printing confidential information and important documents.

Small Footprint, Big Functionality.

Desktop printers are great for areas where space is limited and for small workgroups.

Printers small enough to sit on your desk come in a range of shapes, sizes, and weight. While a desktop printer might bring to mind a smaller device suitable only for home use, Kyocera offers printers that can sit on your desk and meet the demanding needs of business – whether for a single user with heavy-duty printing needs or even a small workgroup with less-intensive print needs.

A desktop printer can be a good choice for sensitive print jobs – allowing your HR or accounting staff to print checks in the privacy of their offices.

When space is at a premium, you don't need to worry that compact size means a less-effective printer.

Desktop printers can be networked and managed as easily as larger printers and multifunction printers, so they don't add to your print infrastructure management.

Your desktop “printer” can even be more than a printer, as multifunction printers are available that are business-ready and space friendly.


Don't Forget Color

For customer-facing documents, color can have a huge impact. Strategic use of color can influence action on marketing materials, invoices, membership drives, etc. A color desktop printer can help increase customer conversions and with printers from Kyocera, you'll also experience low total cost of ownership.

Color or black and white?

Single-function or multifunction?

Do you need additional capacity for unattended printing?

Do you need two desktop printers or will a single, larger printer be more effective for your business?

AIS will help you answer these questions to ensure the right device for your business needs.

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Multifunction Printers

Copiers today print, copy, scan, and connect to apps and software.
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Laser Printers

Great documents give a great first impression.
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Wide-Format Printers

Print, scan, and copy maps, blueprints, posters, and more.
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Managed Document Services

Let someone else manage your print fleet.
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Print Assessment

Do you know where all your printers (and copiers) are?
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You press print, we take care of the rest.
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Get Control of your Printing & Copying Costs

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