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What is Business VoIP And Is It Right For You?

September 27th, 2023 | 7 min. read

By Marissa Olson

Learning the benefits of business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, or Voice over IP) can be a significant step to furthering the success of your company. However, learning the advantages of VoIP can be slightly challenging if you aren’t sure what VoIP is in the first place. 

This conversion allows your business to make phone calls directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. 


Business VoIP is not your traditional telephone service and gives you access to advanced applications and allows you to take advantage of additional features that can potentially help you and your employees become more productive, allowing them to focus on more pressing tasks.

Business VoIP solutions cater to evolving businesses, who utilize all forms of communication, such as telephone calls, faxes, voicemail, email, web and video conferencing or meetings, and so much more. 

Think of it like this, VoIP is the digitization of the old phone systems and solutions, as well as transmitting phone data using those old telephone poles that used to, and still do, line our roads and highways. Talk about an eyesore!

Matter of fact, many of those old telephone poles we still see today are actually abandoned and serve a minimal purpose. More consumers and businesses are using mobile devices or have converted over to VoIP. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty costly and labor-intensive process to remove them, which is such a shame!

On a technical note, telephone poles are often re-purposed to carry newer fiber-optic data lines from either your traditional phone company or cable TV provider. They usually indicate the age of the neighborhood and not necessarily the age of the technology they carry. The greater use of data lines on those poles means less space is left for traditional phone lines. 

As a reminder, it’s all about keeping up with the times because whether you’re ready or not, the demand for more advanced and evolving technology isn’t going anywhere. 

The Advantages of Business VoIP: How Will My Company Benefit?

All right, we’ve made it through some of the essential basics, and hopefully, we haven’t lost you yet. This stuff can be complicated, so don’t feel defeated or overwhelmed if you have some trouble understanding. 

Gaining Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of using VoIP for your business is the flexibility it can bring to your business owner and your hardworking employees, who probably always seem strapped for time when it comes to the technology needs of your office. 

There are three main factors that we like to emphasize when explaining flexibility:

1. A decrease in hardware. Businesses can have some hardware on-site that supports VoIP and the phone systems they and their employees use daily. Because of the needs of a VoIP server on site, a team of customer service or installation professionals will come to your office(s) and perform the physical connection and setup of your desk phones and office server. 

Also, depending on how many IP phones your company utilizes, you might have more than just one server to help manage your operations. One additional option is to move to a cloud-based phone system, a phone system delivered through the internet, reducing your costs and hardware even further. 

If you have the choice to reduce the amount of bulky technology and loud server rooms that take up precious space in your office, why wouldn’t you do it? 

2. Flexibility through remote working. Having the core of your phone system in the cloud allows your employees to work from anywhere, such as from their home, the airport, or anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Remoting in through the cloud is as simple as logging into a mobile app that you can download onto your smartphone. Suddenly, being in "the" office is no longer a requirement for being in "your" office. 

If working remotely is a little unfamiliar to you, read an article published by RecruitLoop, 8 Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work Remotely

The ability to have the internet forward calls to your mobile device, ability to text, mobile the use of apps, the ease of making unlimited calls to and from anywhere in the world, and so much more, is something almost every employee at any job could benefit from. 

Also, think of what this will do for your customers. By providing this flexibility and convenience to your staff to work where ever they need to, you are ultimately providing more access to your customers without them ever knowing where your staff member is, except for at the end of their next call. 

3. Gain productivity with remote monitoring. After your team of VoIP service technicians successfully install your business phone services, you’ll no longer have the responsibility of babysitting that particular technology, especially if you were to experience any maintenance issue or malfunction.

Here’s some good news for you, your VoIP phone systems and the servers that pair with it can all be managed remotely by a qualified team of professionals who know what they’re doing. 

Even better, a great phone services company can also diagnose a technical issue, and fix it, before you’re made aware of it. If that isn’t something that sparks an interest, we’re not sure what will! 

Your time is essential, and we know your days are slammed with meetings and deadlines. You shouldn’t have to add “monitoring my phone systems,” to your to-do list. 

Speaking of your to-do list, do you have other technical issues you haven’t had the time to get around to? Learn about current IT challenges that many businesses face that sometimes go hand-in-hand with VoIP solutions by reading our article, What is Managed IT Services? How to Tell If You Need Them. 


Besides Flexibility, What Other Benefits Support Business VoIP?

Still not sold yet? That’s ok— let us give you a few more reasons one the benefits of VoIP, and how they can help your business, employees, and customers grow. Our goal is to help you successfully reach your business goals faster and more efficiently.

VoIP phone systems for your business can save you quite a bit of money, and saving money is always a huge factor when we talk to companies and employees looking to better their technology solutions. 

Just think— now that you are using VoIP and the Internet to place all of your business calls, you no longer need to pay a separate telephone company charges. Using VoIP systems opens up a whole host of new features that you couldn’t access before using antiquated wired phone systems.  

Utilizing VoIP phone systems is also one of the best ways to ensure your phone systems are running faster, as they have much more bandwidth. An ethernet cable is equipped to handle so much information, allowing you to send and transfer a more considerable amount of data, in a shorter amount of time. 

To learn even more benefits of VoIP phone systems, read an article recently published by TechTarget, VoIP Platforms Offer a Wide Range of Benefits to the Enterprise

Final Words: VoIP for Your Business

As you can tell, VoIP phone systems are just an improvement in technology. It’s critical to recognize that anything that can handle internet protocol, such as sending data from one computer to another, can handle VoIP. 

What if we never made the switch from a telegraph to a phone? It’s hard to say where our phone systems would be today if we were still using telegraph for business communications, but we sure wouldn’t be here. 

AIS is proud to support and inform businesses who are interested in the advancement of technology. As we can all agree, the more we understand newer technology and better ways to communicate with our employees and our customers, the better the chances of success we’ll see. 

If you’re interested in learning more on phone solutions, or any of the other services we offer, chat with one of our business technology consultants today


Marissa Olson

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