Who's managing your SMB's IT? A managed IT service provides the security and peace of mind - without costing you the man power.


AIS offers multi-function copiers, printers, 3D printers, phone systems, and IT services to streamline workflow, manage content, and protect your data in Las Vegas and Southern California.

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Never worry about your IT infrastructure again. We can protect your network from hackers, ensure data backups, and future-proof your IT strategy with our virtual CIO.
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Copiers and Color Printers. We offer buy, lease, maintenance or repair. Providing your staff premium office equipment is our specialty. Talk to us about our Kyocera copiers. 
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From prototypes to working manufacturing parts, we understand 3D printers. Our goal is meet your 3D printing needs. We can sell and support your 3D printer or print your 3D design for you.
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Secure and fast document retrieval and automated business processes boost productivity, make customers happy, and decrease storage costs.
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Update and streamline your communications with a hosted or on premises VoIP phone system that includes the latest features and functionality.
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We can manage your copiers, network, backups, IT planning, phone system, and more. IT from A-Z with only one number to dial for service.
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Providing Las Vegas, San Diego, Southern California, and other locations quality Kyocera copiers and premium office equipment that your staff will enjoy.
We fully commit to servicing you and your business - and cover everything from your copiers, to your telecommunications and business phones, to your IT and data security.

The average help desk ticket is resolved in 35 minutes. How fast is your IT help desk service?

Your Network Security is important. We respond to - and resolve - most IT calls within hours of the call being placed. With AIS' network monitoring, you'll never worry about your business again.

76% of network issues were repaired before clients even knew there was an issue. Can your IT team do that?

We sell more than a product. We sell peace of mind. With remote IT support, cloud backup, VOIP, and top of the line 3D printing and office equipment, we can be your business' calm in the Las Vegas storm.

We responded to 24,517 service calls in 2016. We fixed the problem in one try for 92% of those calls.

You wouldn't run electricity to your building yourself. So why would you manage IT if you're not an IT expert?

Are YOU an IT Expert?

Of course not. You're an expert in your industry – finance, legal, medical, construction, education, etc. You wouldn't expect your IT company to show you the best way to give financial advice, build a house, teach, or give legal advice would you?

So why try to be your own IT expert?

If you're managing your IT, don't stress and waste time, energy, and dollars on infrastructure that you could outsource more cost-effectively to professionals.

There are 7 questions you should ask yourself about your current IT infrastructure.
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Your digital copier can be exciting and sexy – if you think spending less and getting more is sexy. 

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