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Wide-Format Printers

Wide Format Printers in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Southern California

Wide Format Printing For Business

With today's user-friendly and cost-effective devices, it's easy to add wide-format capability in-house.


You can DIY when you need to print wide-format documents. If you're outsourcing your wide-format printing needs, doing it yourself could be:

  1. More cost-effective
  2. Give you better control over output
  3. Give you BETTER output

What large documents do you need to print? Whether you need to print posters, blueprints, maps, construction plans, wide-format printers are more affordable and easier-to-use than ever. The time to research bringing wide-format printing (and scanning) capabilities in-house is now.

If your needs include multifunction wide-format, printers are available that wrap all functions into a single, space-friendly device.

Color and black and white wide-format printers (and multifunction wide-format printers) can output professional quality documents up to 60 inches wide and 472 inches long (that's 5 feet by nearly 40 feet). You can scan documents hundreds of feet long at up to 600 dpi resolution. Wide-format devices can accommodate up to “E” size documents on the largest models. For architectural and engineering needs, wide-format devices easily print and scan “D” size documents (24 x 36 for architecture and 22 x 34 for engineering).

Most wide-format printers and multifunction systems come with a variety of user-friendly functions:
  • Large touchscreens for control over print jobs at the device
  • Connect to the cloud to scan or print to and from multiple cloud services
  • Image overwrite, data encryption, and other data security features
  • Stacking for unattended operation
  • Up to 2400 dip resolution for crystal clear resolution
  • Compact design to save space
  • Network connectivity
  • USB drive options

If you're an ACE (architecture, construction, and engineering) company, graphic design, government, or any business that needs to regular print and/or scan and copy wide-format documents; you don't need to outsource that capability. Bringing it in-house could save you time and be more cost-effective in the long run.

Whatever wide-format documents your business needs to print, we've got it covered. Click here to contact one of our wide-format print specialists today

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