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About AIS

Optimizing Technology For All Businesses

For over 20 years, we've provided office technology solutions for businesses of all kinds—large and small.

Hero About Us

Solutions That Work For You

We’re problem solvers dedicated to saving money, increasing efficiency, and growing your business through technology—it all starts with a simple conversation about your technology plans. 


AIS Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS)® measures consumer loyalty by looking at their likelihood of recommending a business. This dedication metric holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers.

At AIS, we have a system that allows us to capture feedback after every service call. Employees at all levels of the organization understand it, which opens the door to customer-centric change and improved performance.


Being a Trusted Advisor: This Is Our “Why”

Recommending IT solutions, phone systems, copiers & printers, and security cameras & access control are only enabling tools for what we do—which is removing business pain. Discovering your company’s unique needs and delivering the right solution that meets those needs is our purpose. 

Sales - Michael L

Your Success Is at the Heart of Our Core Values

We instill six major core values within our employees to provide technology that works with service you'll fall in love with. 

The AIS Advantage

Our customers choose to partner with us and are loyal for many years. Here are some of the main advantages that benefit from on a daily basis.  

Let's Talk Tech



We responded to over 29,800 service calls within the last year, and our first-call resolution was 95%. Over 18,000 service calls were answered in two hours or less when the competition claims they'll be there in under four hours.


Quick Resolution

We invest in five Key Performance Indicators because they ensure that we can respond to service calls and resolve them because we've got the parts in stock. We focus on technician education because technology changes rapidly and they need to keep their knowledge sharp.


One-Call Resolution

We continue to improve this metric year after year. 92% of service calls are resolved in a single visit. That means you return to full productivity after ONE call.


Accurate Invoicing

We focus on billing accuracy – 98.5% of our invoices were accepted without question by our customers because they were 100% accurate.


How We Support Local Communities


We offer 24 hours of Volunteer Time off each year to our employees to volunteer at the charity of their choice.


We've partnered with a local high school, Cristo Rey St. Vitar, and created a student work-study program. 


We are involved with the Copier Dealers Association (CDA), where our President of AIS, Gary Harouff, is the President of the CDA. This allows us to remain connected with the products we sell and collaborate with companies just like us in order to provide better products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 20 years, technology has changed—and continues to evolve. Here’s how we’ve kept up.

Where can I learn more to get my questions answered?

How do you compare with your competitors?

What makes AIS different from all the others?

Work With Us and Join Our Team

Our team is our family—and we take care of each other. Whether it’s company-wide events, recognition platforms, our modern and fun working environment, or our annual (and EPIC) Kick-Off Event, we make sure our team members feel like they are making a difference and feel our appreciation each and every day.