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IT and Copier Talk Your Business Can Rely On

The AIS IT Services and Office Technology Blog. Insights and perspective into what works and makes businesses more competitive.

Keven Ellison

Over the last 20+ years, Keven has had a passion in all areas of traditional and digital marketing. His main focus is how the consumer or decision makers see brands in order to develop successful programs to meet them on their turf. Prior to AIS, Keven has held senior marketing and communication posts in Financial Services, Technology, Communications, Biotech, and Lead Generation industries from start-ups to privately held and public companies. Today, he’s building a team to support the growth of AIS to become a leading brand in office technology.

Recent Posts

How Do I Get Started Working From Home (WFH)?

on Mar 23, 2020 8:44:02 AM By | Keven Ellison | 0 Comments | work from home WFH
READ TIME:  8 MINS. Many people are in the same boat as you right now, especially if you work for a small to medium-sized business. After we get over the initial shock of our ‘new normal’ of having to work from home, the planning part of our brain sets in and we begin to start thinking.  “How do I get started by working from home?”
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Managed IT Providers: Your Relationship Is Like Your Bank

on Jan 30, 2020 8:59:55 AM By | Keven Ellison | 0 Comments | managed it providers managed IT IT services
READ TIME: 7 MINS. We’ve been marketing to and working with SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) for a few years now. When listening to customers, their relationship with a Managed IT Provider or Managed Services Provider (MSP) seems strikingly similar to our own personal and business relationships with banks.  Hear me out...
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Content Marketing: The Importance of Video - Tactics (3 of 3) [SERIES]

on Oct 28, 2019 8:30:00 AM By | Keven Ellison | 0 Comments | Insider marketing
READ TIME: 8 MINS. This article is Part Three of a series on Content Marketing. Make sure to read Part One and Part Two of this series. As we continued our content marketing efforts, we knew that we’d eventually have to take a massive leap of faith when it came to video. When we began implementing our content marketing strategies while working with author and digital marketing expert, Marcus Sheridan, as well as his team of content experts, we continued to learn the significance of video. 
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The Definition of Telecom [In Under 100 Words]

on Sep 19, 2019 1:25:52 PM By | Keven Ellison | 0 Comments | Telecommunications phones VoIP
Telecom is the shortened version of the word telecommunications. Telecom can be used to describe the data exchange of information between long distances. Data information can be in the form of text, audio, and video. It can be transmitted by various means including wire, fiber optic cable, satellite, or wirelessly such as cellular, radio, or television communications. Telecom can also be used to describe the telecommunications industry as a whole.  The Internet is the largest form of a telecom network but government agencies, businesses, media networks and consumers use a variety of forms of telecom in everyday life.
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The Definition of a VoIP [In Under 100 Words]

on Sep 17, 2019 8:15:00 AM By | Keven Ellison | 0 Comments | Telecommunications phones VoIP
VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is the term associated with sending voice and audio over the data lines. It is also more commonly referred to digital phone and phone over internet services. This technology allows businesses to make traditional phone calls, send faxes and SMS messages at any time of day or from anywhere with a with access to the Internet. It can also be much more cost effective than traditional telephone long distance services while taking advantage of the flexibility of digital data.
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