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The Definition of an Automated Temperature Scanner [In Under 100 Words]

Posted by Keven Ellison | Jun 23, 2020 9:04:54 AM



An Automated Temperature Scanner is a device that uses a variety of sensors and software to quickly measure a person’s body temperature, using infrared technology. It can even distinguish if they are wearing a mask or not.


This technology platform is now being adopted for providing safe access to facilities, offices, and events as part of an overall protection strategy (contactless temperature screening system) against COVID-19 spread and other contagious diseases. The automated scanner can be mounted on a wall or atop different types of stands to provide touchless automation for users and integrated with ACS (access control systems).

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Written by Keven Ellison

Over the last 20+ years, Keven has had a passion in all areas of traditional and digital marketing. His main focus is how the consumer or decision makers see brands in order to develop successful programs to meet them on their turf. Prior to AIS, Keven has held senior marketing and communication posts in Financial Services, Technology, Communications, Biotech, and Lead Generation industries from start-ups to privately held and public companies. Today, he’s building a team to support the growth of AIS to become a leading brand in office technology. When not working, Keven can be found hacking his house, life, and those around him to make everything around him a better world. He volunteers his time as a Board Member for United States Diving and Ad Fontes Media.

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