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How to Choose The Best Printer Repair Service

Posted by Gary Harouff | Jun 5, 2018 8:33:00 AM

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Even though it might seem like your printer is just taking up precious space in your office, you’d be surprised to learn how much use your office printer receives on a daily basis. Don’t you think you owe it to your device and your business to choose the best printer repair service?

Whether you’re assembling multiple reports for a client, or designing and printing diagrams for a presentation, your printer is continually working just as hard as you are.

This might seem weird but think of your printer as a person, instead of a machine. The harder your printer works, the more tired it becomes and the more maintenance it will most likely require.

We can assume that you want your office printer performing at its best at all times, so upkeep is essential for the continued success of your business.

With upkeep comes a fundamental question you probably find yourself asking,

“How do I choose the best printer repair service?”


For you to pick the right printer repair service that suits your business needs, you should consider some important aspects to help make your decision easier:

  • The number of printers you have in your business: Do you have the right amount? Can the number of printers make your business run more efficiently and lower costs?
  • The size and type of printers in your business: Sometimes size does matter. You may find that changing the type and size of printers at your office can do wonders to your bottomline.
  • What your budget is for repairing and maintaining your printers: If you don’t have a plan and budget for preventative maintenance your going to need one. It will save you time and money long-term every time.
  • How often your machines need service: Printers are just like cars they need regular service and supplies so service them.
  • The types of services your warranty covers: Get familiar with your warranty. When your printers need service it’s not the best time to pull out your warranty to try and figure out what’s covered.

There's a wrong way to repair copiers -- these free tips will keep your equipment working >>

Something else to consider is the specific type of printer repair service you are interested in using. Will you go through a manufacturer or a local authorized dealer?

There are pros and cons to both options, and your decision is based on your personal preferences or maybe even cost. Want to learn more about each? We’ve got the perfect article for you to read, Who provides the best copier or printer repair service?

Now that you’ve collected this information, we can step in and guide you in the right direction that will help you find the best printer repair service for your business.

This has a lot to do with which qualities of a printer repair service stand out the most to you. Let’s take a look at some factors that go into this.



Your time is important and the best printer repair service should 100% value that.

If your employees rely on your office printer at all times of the workday (which they most likely do), choosing a printer repair company with a guaranteed response time should be a priority at the top of your list. Your downtime is your money.

When speaking with a potential vendor, your job is to ask what their response time guarantee is once a repair request is made. Just because a printer repair company claims they have “great response times” doesn’t necessarily mean they do.

Find some information that supports what they are telling you. Take a look around their website, looking for statistics or customer testimonials on response times that supports their claims. Speak to some of their customers. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a list.

If you truly want transparency out of a company, you’ll have to do a little extra research on your own, but peace of mind is always worth it.

Another point to consider is if a printer repair company can monitor your multi-function printers (MFPs) for you. Sometimes by doing so, a problem can be fixed before you even knew the machine was having issues. How convenient!

We believe that the best printer repair service (no matter the size or type of your business) will look for, diagnose, and even resolve issues proactively by doing so remotely.

You won’t even have to schedule an appointment and wait for a service technician to come out, decreasing the amount of time your business could be without a printer.



Learning to diagnose printer issues and how to prevent them from happening again saves time, money, and agony.

Printers do three things very well: print, misfeed and jam. Well maybe four, they eat a lot of toner too...

In the instance when a service technician does have come out to fix printer issues, it’s vital they are thorough and genuinely interested in what made that particular problem occur in the first place.

Taking the time to talk with a service technician of a potential vendor will undoubtedly help you assess the way their technicians perform. Do they seem interested in what they are talking to you about? Do you feel they are knowledgeable about complicated issues your printer might have?

All printer repair service companies have technicians, but the best printer repair services only hire technicians who demonstrate knowledge, insight, and dedication to all products they service. And they are happy at what they do.

Speaking of diagnosing your printing issues, are you questioning if you even need to hire a printer repair service? We’ve published an article, 7 Signs You Need to Hire a Copier Repair Service Company that helps you assess your printing or copying issues.



The location of your business and the location of your printer repair service should be close.

Ever hear the phrase, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” We think your printer repair service should always be considered a friend. No matter what they should be close by or at least have enough technicians nearby.

The location of the printer repair service is a pretty important topic to consider as you are evaluating each potential vendor. It wouldn’t do your business much good if you weren’t able to receive quick responses from service technicians because they were located far away from your company.

Take a look at where the printer repair service has its nearest office. Some companies claim they cover an entire state or region when in reality, they might only have one location located in a major metropolitan area.

It’s worth it for you to only show interest in vendors with branches near you, or you’ll be stuck with long wait times for repairs.

You should also take into account if your business has more than one location. If this is the case, you’d want to make sure that the printer repair service you choose also has multiple locations that are close in distance to all of your offices, not just your headquarters.

Even if the potential vendor covers your current locations, think about the potential expansion of your locations in the future. Will this printer repair service realistically provide services to any of your newly expanded locations?

One other point to consider is the amount of supplies on the service vehicle the service repair technicians carry. Do they have enough to cover the areas they are serving? Or will they have to go back to their service office to pick up more parts, potentially delaying how quickly they can get to your business?



One of the most telling ways to truly learn about any business is by Googling them.

How many times a day do you think you Google something? It’s probably a lot- maybe even more than you realize. 

When choosing the best printer repair service for your business, why not check out google reviews? This is probably the best way to learn about the quality of their products and services, the services they provide, and how great (or not so great) the service technicians are at maintaining and fixing your printing issues.

Google reviews are an excellent reference for you to use because they show unbiased insight into how current customers perceive the company.

How do you know if a company is dedicated to its customers? You’ll see responses from the company on each review written, good or bad.

If the review is positive, a great printer repair company will respond by thanking the client for their business. If the review is negative, you should see a response from the company that addresses the issue, apologies for the inconvenience, and provides feedback to prevent the problem from occurring again.

If the company ignores negative reviews or just doesn’t have any at all,  let that be your red flag. If a company feels the need to delete negative reviews and only keep the positive ones, that’s probably your sign they aren’t the best printer repair service for you.


If you’re interested in the best features of a service technician, read an article published by Power PC, 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Computer Repair Service. Even though the article speaks of computers, the overall meaning easily applies to printers and copiers.

While you’re in the process of choosing the best printer repair service for your business, don’t overthink it. You’ve got some excellent resources and tools to help you make the best decision, based on your individualized needs most important to you.

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Written by Gary Harouff

As President and founder of AIS, I am passionate about growing our business and serving our customers. I'm proud that we are considered one of the fastest-growing companies in America. We have been named by Office Dealer magazine the elite dealer of the year and most recently by ENX Magazine as an elite dealer for 2017. Our partnership with Kyocera is strong and we have been an elite dealer for them. We recently became an authorized dealer of Xerox in their Document Technology Partner Program. Before founding AIS, I was President of Toshiba Business Solutions. I enjoy staying active, both physically and professionally. Charitable endeavors include: The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Safe House, Christian Children’s Fund as well as other faith-based charities.

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