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Understanding the Difference Between Toner Saver and Light Print

January 26th, 2016 | 2 min. read


If you use a photocopier at your home or place of business, you likely know how expensive toner can be. It's important for you to know the difference between the toner-saving modes that many copiers offer.

The Difference Between Toner-Saver and Light-Print Copier Modes

If you use a photocopier, also known as a copy machine or office copier, you know just how expensive toner can be. While there are ways that you can save money on toner, one of the most effective is understanding the different toner-saving modes that copiers have. Knowing how to effectively use these modes can save you a lot of money on toner in the long run.interactive-copier-and-printer-buying-guide

Toner-Saver Mode

Toner-saver mode, sometimes referred to as eco-mode, focuses on using less toner on each page. To do this, the copier uses less toner on the area of the page that is being printed. It's important to note that this mode doesn't adjust or change how light or dark the printed pages are. Instead, it just uses less toner in the printed areas. Due to this, toner-saver mode doesn't make much of a difference on pages that are full of text. However, it does make a difference on images such as company logos. With this mode turned on, logos or pictures might appear washed out or faded.

Light-print Mode

When you're looking for a mode that affects the darkness of the text and pictures that the copier produces, the light-print mode is what you're looking for. This is generally used for copies that will be seen by only you because the text and images will look faded.

Other Ways to Save Money on Toner

Saving money on toner isn't difficult. Besides choosing toner-saving modes, you should also focus on keeping your copier clean. While it may seem like a good idea to do this yourself, it's generally better to hire a company that performs copier repair in Las Vegas. Along with ensuring that the job is done correctly, a professional can fix any other issues that might be making your copier use more toner.


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