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Copier, (n.) – An office copier (also known as a copier, copy machine, photocopier, multi-function printer, or MFP) is electronic hardware designed to duplicate, scan, print, or fax paper. Copiers typically use laser printing technology with a drum and toner, but some devices may use ink-jet technology.

The original copier design is based on the invention of xerography and made copying and distributing documents quick, cheap, and efficient. Today, office copiers can be found in almost every business and are relied upon as the hub for printing and sending communications.



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"What is a Copy Machine?"


Are you curious about all the things your office copier can do for your business? Look no further! We have all the information you'll ever need to know when it comes to the pricing and costs associated, servicing and repairing your machines, the different features of your copy machine, the supplies you'll need to keep your machines up and running, and the latest and greatest tips on new software and apps on the market today! 


It's all about the benjamins, baby! Office equipment and machines sometimes come at a steep price that can significantly affect your business' budget. Learn how we break down the pricing and costs associated with office copiers by exploring machine maintenance, service fees, buying vs. leasing, and price-appropriate copiers for your specific business needs.

Copiers, of course, range in price, and choosing the best copier depends on your company size and business needs. How much you spend on a copier also depends on the preferred functionality of the machine. We help you explore different copiers of different prices and functions, to help you choose the best copier for your business.
When’s the last time your provided routine maintenance for your office copier? You could end up spending more than you need to by neglecting your copier and the messages it’s displaying it to you. We summarize how you can improve device reliability, the benefits of a monthly subscription, and the cost of repairs.
Saving your company money is essential, especially when it comes to your copy machine and other office equipment your business uses on a daily basis. We’re helping you narrow down the options for office copiers based on the cost and pricing plans that make the most sense for your business and budget.
At some point, your copier is going to fail, requiring repairs. Instead of continuing to repair an old office copier, have you considered buying a new one? We’ll help you evaluate the needs of your office, the challenges of repairing an older copier, and the high demand for purchasing a new copier.
Just because something is refurbished, doesn’t mean it lacks in performance standards and quality. Buying a refurbished office copier can significantly decrease the amount of money you spend. We’ve got great advice for you while you shop for a refurbished copier such as checking the counter/odometer, inspecting the interior for dust and toner, ensuring the product is “certified,” and considering a warranty from the manufacturer or service provider. 
A Kyocera is one of the most common and savvy printers for the workplace, no matter the size or needs of your business. So, how much should you spend on a copier and what’s the best one for your budget? We’re walking you through a variety of Kyocera copiers such as B&W, colored, MFP B&W desktops, and MFP color desktops to make this decision easier for you to make, for your business and your budget. 
To purchase or to buy, that’s the question! Whether you purchase your office copier or lease one, there's always going to be pros and cons to both. We detail the benefits, and possible setbacks, of each option to give you a better understanding of the differences between purchasing and leasing.
If you’re concerned about the cost and extra fees that come with purchasing a new office copier, take a few minutes to learn about the advantages of leasing your office copier. We explore many advantages in doing so, such as modern-day performance and features, initial expense and budgeting, as well as tax advantages. Sometimes, leasing isn’t such a bad thing. 
There’s nothing better than saving money, right? You’re able to lower your printer paper costs related to print consumption. Learn how you can save your business a little money by purchasing paper in bulk, storing your paper correctly, transitioning to a paperless office, monitoring print runs, and tracking personal usage. 



Choosing a highly-qualified and certified technical professional is the best way to ensure your office copiers and printers are up to par and performing at their best. Technology is never flawless, and there will come a day when your office copier breaks, and the issues might be too complicated to fix on your own. Calling a service repair professional or provider ensures your business machines are in the best hands when a problem arises. Learn about the preventative measures you can take to keep your office copiers long-lasting, while also determining different ways to find the best office copier repair services for your copying needs. 

It’s Monday morning before your huge presentation and your office copier or printer breaks. What do you do? We discuss the three most common scenarios that happen once your office copier is down, such as calling your service provider who can quickly fix the problem, can't fix the problem, or can remotely fix your problem using a managed IT services team. If your “big” printer or copier is your only device, you might want to think about adding a second or third device as a back-up. 
A broken or malfunctioning office copier or printer is such a pain and at times, can delay your office productivity. It’s a natural instinct to try to fix it on your own. However, that’s not the smartest thing to do. We give you reasons why you should leave the fixing up to the professionals. You could potentially make the situation worse, void your warranty, as well as burdening yourself with a difficult task. 
Using the correct paper type and size goes a long way toward ensuring that your office copier remains in peak condition. Using damaged or the incorrect paper or even mishandling the right paper can lead to unnecessary downtime and additional copier maintenance calls. Read about the service calls and issues associated with paper jams and paper-related issues.
We hate to say it, but sometimes when your office copier goes down or malfunctions, it could be your fault. Office equipment is complicated, copiers especially. There’s a difference between normal wear and tear and not taking the necessary steps to keep your machines up and running. Read about paper jams, network issues, and the differences between copier and printer brands and functionalities. 
Do you ever see those error messages the appear on your office copier when your device is broken and needs repair? It’s important you listen to what your copier is telling you especially if the “call for service” indicator is on or flashing, the machine is long overdue for routine maintenance, your prints and copies are low quality, your machine frequently needs a new toner cartridge, and more. 
When your copier is down, and you’re tasked to find the best repair service to get your machine back up and running, where do you turn? There’s probably a lot of companies nearby who claim they provide the best customer service and expertise. Read more on making sure you also consider other ways to resolve your issues such as contacting the manufacturer or a local authorized dealer. 
The process of choosing the best office copier services team might seem time-consuming, but it’s imperative to do your research if you truly are interested in getting the best provider for your company. This article stresses the importance of reliable support and resolution, instant response times, proactive upkeep, and so much more.
Just because a company claims they’re the best at fixing your office copier, doesn’t always mean they are. To ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for, read about the qualities you should look for in a service provider. Some of these qualities include experience, specializations, and pricing. When it comes to your office machines, you deserve the best staff who truly cares about meeting you and your employee’s needs and expectations. 
Trusting the right people to work on your office copy machines is pretty important, especially if you plan on keeping that machine for an extended period. Without expertise on the subject matter, you could end up damaging your machine more than fixing it. Read about the importance of hiring the most experienced professionals who know your specific machine like the back of their hand.
Your business probably ranges from everyday printing jobs to large-scale projects and presentations. With these different projects, comes a need for reliable office printers and copiers to maximize productivity in the least amount of time. Learn some of the best ways to care and protect your office copier, so it performs to the best of its ability. 
It's common to hear about issues or breaks when it comes to a copy machine. However, a bit of expertise can go a long way towards making your office copiers easy to use. Explore different issues your copier might have along with how to avoid them, such as lines on paper, paper jams, wrinkled pages, spots on the page, and color correction.
If you own an office copier or printer, you’ve probably considered hiring a printer repair professional. Like any other type of machine, copiers can break down and develop mechanical problems. Check out our copier repair service checklist to learn more about the importance of response times, expertise, and warranties.
Ever thought about cleaning your office copier with a little Windex? It’s actually not a bad idea and if cleaned properly, can leave your copy machine looking brand new. Learn the best way to clean your copier by using a microfiber cloth and a small amount of Windex, while also making sure you aren’t doing anything to damage the machine.
  • How To Find The Best Copier Companies Near Me

    Have you had some questions during your search for the best copier companies near you? Sometimes it's hard to determine if a copier company is best for your business, even if they are closely located to your office. Learn the best ways to find a copier company near you who can also help assist you with your office technology needs. 


You probably don't know every single thing your office copier can do, and learning about all the different features can make your job a heck of a lot easier! The features on your specific office copier can cut down the time you're wasting everyday copying and assembling those timely projects, as well as saving you money you might not know you're spending. Learn the new and unique features inside your office copier, but also the features and benefits of using a copier services company when it comes to things like warranties. 

In today’s digital age, you might assume offices don’t need office copiers or printers anymore. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Read some of the reasons why businesses still buy and need office copiers because not all businesses are paper-free and hard copies serve as a technology backup just in case something were to happen to your cloud or servers.
Reliability is key, especially when it comes to your office copiers. As with any large-scale manufacturing, there will be the occasional lemon and some product lines will perform better than others. Read our article as we explore the secrets of finding the most reliable copiers for your business, such as environmental factors, usage, and lack of maintenance.
You would be surprised how many people don’t know the simple functions of a copier, or even more, how to take advantage of all of the technology that is available on these machines. Copiers can really be used as a great tool when it comes to office technology and automation. Read about our do’s and don’ts when using a copy machine. 
Of course, there are office copier models more reliable and affordable than others and each of the various manufacturers do have strengths and weaknesses, but those really aren’t the most important considerations when buying or leasing an office copier. Read our list of the 9 things we think you should consider when choosing the best copier for your business and employee needs. 
When you own a small business, it’s important that you make the right buying decisions, especially when it comes to office technology. Typically, a copier is an investment that you want to perform different functions in your business like copying, printing, scanning, and faxing and anything else to help you manage documents or workflow. Check out our list where we rated the top 10 color copiers for your SMB. 
When buying a new or refurbished office copier, you’re planning on owning this equipment for some years, right? You should know what the hardware’s warranty is before you buy it, just to ensure you’re getting the most from what you’re spending. We discuss the different types of warranties (and the importance of having one) based on specific products, consumables, upgrades, maintenance, and accessories.



You can't expect your office copiers to perform at their best if you're feeding them with incorrect or poor-quality supplies. Keeping your office copier supplies in tip-top shape establishes great print quality and longevity of the machine. Supplies can be pricey though, and it’s important to know how to find the best supplies at the right price for your specific model. Knowing the correct toner, supply levels, and paper type is one of the most important parts of maintaining your office copier.

While many people think copier maintenance and repair is the most expensive aspect of copier operation, it's actually paper consumption. Fortunately, there are ways to lower these costs so you can devote more of your office budget on other areas of your work. Read our reasons to reduce cost spent on office copier paper such as purchasing your paper in bulk, storing it properly, transitioning to a paperless office, and monitoring and tracking personal usage. 
It’s a normal thing for you to try to lower your overall business operating costs, and if you do a lot of copying or printing, at some point you are going to need to reduce your paper costs. You may think you are doing the right thing by purchasing cheaper or a discounted paper for your office copier, but you could be damaging your copier and leading to a bigger repair bill. Learn new ways to identify the right paper for your copier along with other measures you can take to ensure your copier is working to the best of its ability.
If you use a photocopier at your home or place of business, you likely know how expensive toner can be. It's important for you to know the difference between the toner-saving modes that many office copiers offer. While there are ways that you can save money on toner, one of the most effective ways to do so is by understanding the different toner-saving modes that copiers have.
Most of us load paper into our office copiers without ever giving it a second thought. But, did you know that the kind of paper you put into your copier can have a significant effect on productivity and performance? Take a look at some key points we’ve put together that helps you understand what it takes for your office copier paper to perform the needs required from you and your employees. Learn about paper cut and size, texture and finish, tray settings, and so much more. 
Ever heard of toner or paper pirates? Toner pirates are scam artists who lie or mislead you and your unsuspecting employees into accepting replacement toner for your office copier machines. Toner pirates can also send replacement toner unsolicited, and then bill your company at exorbitant rates. It’s important you become aware of these particular online scams to keep your personal and confidential business files safe and protected. Read our tips for dealing with these scam artists and then share this information with your company so that everyone can take the proper precautions on internet safety.



Technology continually evolves each and every day and the only way to keep up is to make sure your office copier has the newest and latest software updates and software applications for your business copying needs.  Learn the best ways to boost employee productivity through apps, how to cater to remote employees and offices, and the easiest ways to save money by using specific software and applications for your office copier. 

Today, if you aren't using the apps available in your digital office copiers, you're missing out on more productivity and saving money for your business. We’ve put together a tech-savvy list for you on the 5 coolest apps available for Kyocera Copiers. Your office copier is more than just a copy machine. It’s just as smart and technologically advanced as your smartphone!  
When the topic of print tracking comes up, many people think of it as just a way to keep tabs on what their employees are printing each month. Or, if you are in a busy law firm, perhaps you are using print tracking to bill back clients. What you may not know is that print tracking, combined with analytics, is a hidden key to business success. We take you in-depth when it comes to all the important areas of your business that support your day-to-day operations, such as office equipment, employees, documents, processes, and service industries. 
Are you ever rushed for time, needing to print your business presentation in a jiffy? It happens all the time, especially for employees who are always on the road or work remotely in multiple offices. Now, you can print from anywhere using mobile printing. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is open the app on your phone, find your document, send it to the copier as you're walking towards it, and there it is! Read more about mobile printing apps and which apps you can use for your specific office copier. 
Printing and copying documents is an often hidden expense for most businesses. Companies buy printers and copiers, set them up, and then never really account for who prints documents, and the number of documents printed each day. How do you manage or prevent excessive printing? Read our printing and copying rules for your office copiers to get a better handle on print management to help save the money you could be wasting in extra paper costs. 
Pull printing is a pretty neat technology we’re starting to see nowadays that provides you and your employees with printer and copier security, and it’s available from Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and other digital copier manufacturers. Office copier software stores documents you intend to print, and these print jobs can stay on your workstation or on a folder on your server. Then you release the print job at the digital copier (or printer) when you're ready to retrieve it. Pull printing eliminates your copies from being in the hands of anyone, but you. 
We’ve recently partnered with the global leader in office copier and solutions company, Xerox who is bringing us everything we’ve ever needed with copiers, and more. To help support your business goals, Xerox embedded many helpful, and top-of-the-line apps, in their printers and copiers. Learn all about these new apps and how they can further the success of your business such as scanning to the cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
Are you hungry for even more resources? Look no further than our Software and Apps Resources page. This page provides you with everything you need to know about office copiers, printers, managed IT services, and more! From drivers and documents to eBooks and checklists, our resources page supports all of your unanswered questions and curiosity when it comes to technology and your business. 

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For the last 16 years, we've provided office technology and business solutions to support thousands of businesses in Las Vegas (and Southern Nevada), Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. Here are some of the keys to our success. 

We Are Responsive

In 2017, we responded to over 24,000 service calls. The competition claims they'll be there in under four hours. Over 12,000 of the calls we responded to last year were up, running, and back to work in less than 2 hours. In times of high printing needs, we can ensure to give you peace of mind that your issues will be resolved in under 2 hours. Can your current office technology provider match this performance? 


We ensure all our staff is properly trained and continuously update their credentials (each holds 51+ certifications). We stock each vehicle with over $12,000 in parts and supplies from a warehouse inventory of over $3.8 million, guaranteeing our clients have the parts or equipment when they need it most. Last year, 92% of our service calls were resolved in a single visit, resulting in a one call resolution. 

Happy Customers

Ever heard of a Net Promoter Score (NPS)? Just Google it! It’s a rating of 1-100 on how likely your customer would recommend you. We keep great company with some of the best brands in the world like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix. Their scores ranged from 64-72. Guess what, in 2017 AIS clients ranked us at a whopping 93. That’s in the top 10% for all businesses in North America. And, we're not stopping there. 

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