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A Telecom Lesson: The Work From Home (WFH) Migration

READ TIME: 7.5 MINS. With the rise of the public health crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), and the sweeping safety precautions, many business owners and managers found themselves forced into situations that they have not planned or have been properly prepared for. Within what seemed like a few short days, we’re all probably in need of a telecom lesson, especially in terms of the massive work from home migration. A large portion of this country’s workforce has been placed on work from home (WFH) or remote work status. 
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4 Reasons You May Want To Switch Your Business Phone System

on Mar 24, 2020 11:37:05 AM By | John Taylor | 0 Comments | Telecommunications Articles All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 4.5 MINS.    Time and time again, you and your employees face connectivity and collaborative software issues when it comes to your business phone system. You might even be noticing that new and emerging telecom technology is hitting the market so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.  Have these instances left you asking why you should switch your business phone system—or if you should even make the switch in the first place? 
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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About A Business Telecom Company

on Feb 27, 2020 8:51:51 AM By | John Taylor | 0 Comments | Telecommunications Articles All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 5.5 MINS.  Do you remember when placing a caller on hold and paging the recipient to pick up the correct line was tricky? Today, business telecom has merged telephony (telephone use) with data and video to create a sophisticated yet integrated system far more capable than parking a caller on line one.  The solutions are astounding and ever-changing, so a qualified business telecom provider is every company's best friend. Are you happy with yours? The telecommunications industry is one where all providers are not created equally. 
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How-To Choose The Right Phone System for Your Business

on Jan 29, 2020 9:43:29 AM By | John Taylor | 1 Comment | Telecommunications Articles All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 5 MINS.  Try and relive the Stone Age era today for a moment, and the impossible becomes a possibility. A characteristic example, in this case, is having a business that transacts without a phone system to the point of sealing a deal successfully and that right there is what the Stone Age era entails.  Fast forward to the present, and the revolution in the business world currently is shifting the attention of entrepreneurs when they are deciding on how to choose a phone system that will address the requirements of their operations accordingly.
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Office Phone Systems: Should I Change My Phone Company?

on Jan 27, 2020 8:30:00 AM By | Tim Gerlach | 1 Comment | Insider Telecommunications Articles All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 6.5 MINS. Your phone company is a critical part of most business operations, especially as your business grows. They typically provide your phone lines, internet connection and access, or both. For the sake of this discussion, let’s look at this from the perspective of phone services, which may be in the form of analog, digital, or VoIP phone systems.
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