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Data Backup! When To Do It?

April 4th, 2022

By CJ Boisvert

Data Backup When To Do It
Data backup is more important now than ever before. But, what exactly does that entail? Watch our quick video to learn the importance of backing up your systems and the best times to do so to keep your company or organization safe and secure.


Data backup is a crucial aspect of data management that ensures the availability, integrity, and security of important information. Performing regular backups is an essential practice that helps to protect against data loss due to hardware failures, software errors, malicious attacks, or human error.  

Welcome to this video on data backup.  Have you ever lost important files or documents due to a computer crash or accidental deletion? It's frustrating and can be costly. Data Backup, we know it's important but do you know why or when to do it?  In this video let us show you the best practices for your business.

There are several situations in which it is recommended to perform a data backup. First and foremost, it is important to backup data before performing any major changes to the system, such as installing new software, upgrading hardware, or making changes to the network configuration. This helps to ensure that in case of any issues or errors, data can be easily restored to the previous state.

Let's get started.


CJ Boisvert

Lights, camera, action.! CJ has spent her 20-year career shooting and editing commercials, documentaries, reality TV, and web content. “Discovering new technologies and sharing that information is not only my job but also my passion.“ When she’s not creating, you’ll find CJ either hiking, playing board games with friends, or watching movies.