Our Process

Our four phase process makes your Managed IT dreams a reality.

Here are the steps we take to make your IT vision a reality.

The worst mistake businesses make is buying technology BEFORE identifying their business needs or establishing goals.

AIS has a repeatable process, based on project management best practices, that we follow for every customer engagement. This ensures we don't miss anything and that all customers receive the right IT solution for their business.

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Our process breaks down into four phases

  1. Analysis and Assessment
  2. Design and Recommendations
  3. Implementation and Optimization
  4. Management, Measurements, and Goal Attainment

This process is never-ending as well. Information technology is constantly evolving, continuous planning for the short and long-term is required if you want to keep up and keep ahead of your competitors.

We have a pre-phase as well. The FIRST thing we do between signing a contract and beginning the analysis phase is to put all IT purchases on hold. This prevents any planned purchases that wouldn't actually help you achieve your business goals from happening. For more on why we do this, read Stop the Bleeding – Plan First, THEN Implement IT.

Phase 1 – Analysis and Assessment

Current status | Technical capacity | Workflow

Where does your business stand? Based on your needs, goals, visions, and current initiatives; our professionals work closely with you to ensure that we gather a complete view of your company. We look at documentation, your business processes, responsibility matrix, financial data, and departmental and divisional needs and issues. AIS uses software tools to gather technical information about your entire IT environment (network, applications, software, hardware) for a real-time snapshot of your current environment.

Phase 2 – Design and Recommendations

Driven by goals and vision | Clearly communicate benefits | Focus on process improvements

Recommendations are designed based on your company's goals, needs, and visions. Our recommendations and action plan will demonstrate the value of improved business processes, internal and external communications, and your office environment.

Phase 3 – Implementation and Optimization

Phased approach | Defined timelines | Prepare for the future

A phased implementation approach will ensure a smooth transition to your new IT environment. AIS creates, communicates, and manages a project timeline and sets expectations for everyone's role in the transition. We also help with change management as your employees adapt to the new infrastructure. As IT is always subject to improvement, AIS will also highlight future possibilities of further streamlining.

Phase 4 – Management, Measurement, and Achieving Goals

Future management | Measure success | Continual goals

We are your partner. Your success is our success. We use quantifiable metrics to measure our performance. This allows us to monitor your requirements and exceed your expectations. Ongoing measurement also allows us to plan for the future and monitor your IT needs. Each quarter, you virtual CIO will meet with you to discuss your ongoing technology needs so that your IT infrastructure never becomes outdated.

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Our Process

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