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IT Help Desk Help in Two Rings

Our IT Help Desk answers the phone in two rings. Can your IT guy do that?   Maybe your IT guy is that responsive, but that's probably not the case because he's (or she) is one guy. Our professionally staffed IT help desk is a room of professionals ready to answer the phone, discover what your IT issue is, and then solve it. Our network operating center (NOC) proactively monitors your network and devices, intervening to prevent attacks, patching updates, etc. (Read about our network operating center here.)
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Is Your Copier Paper Working Against You?

on Jun 29, 2017 1:15:08 PM By | Gary Harouff | 0 Comments | Service & Repair Workflow & Productivity Copiers Office Equipment
Most people load paper into their multifunction copiers without ever giving it a second thought. But did you know that the kind of paper that you put into your copier can have a huge affect on productivity and performance? If you like the challenge of a good paper jam and frequent visits from your service technician, then by all means continue to ignore paper. But, if you cringe at the thought of your copier being down, read on. Let’s start with the product itself – paper. Fun for origami and airplanes, but there’s a lot more to it when you take the time to notice.
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How Do you Clean Copier Glass? With...Windex!?

For years, we recommended NEVER using Windex – or any other cleaning product with alcohol – to clean the glass on your copier. Our clients would sometimes even get annoyed at the recommendation – but it's just EASY to spray Windex, wipe, and be done. True, but the alcohol in Windex could also dry out exposed belts. Not a big deal, right? Well, the belts are part of the system that moves paper through the machine. Dry belts don't work as well, are prone to breaking, and that means less productivity for you and more service calls for us. That's changed.
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