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Boost Your Productivity and Save Money With These 9 Copier Apps

The copier prints. The copier copies.  For most users, that's all their copier is used for (with maybe the occasional fax or scan).  If that's all you're using your copier for, you're wasting the potential of the copier to make your life easier. Copiers today include more functionality than ever before. As software becomes more embedded in copiers (and even larger laser printers), functionality will continue to explode. Today, if you aren't using the apps available in your digital copiers, you're missing out on more productivity and saving money for your business. The following six apps are available on Kyocera Copiers. While some of these apps are Kyocera-specific, similar functionality exists for copiers from other manufacturers.
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What Happens When the Big Printer Breaks?

on Oct 3, 2017 12:33:06 PM By | Gary Harouff | 0 Comments | Managed Print Services Service & Repair Copiers Office Equipment
Digital copiers. Multifunction printer. Multifunction peripheral. Multifunction copier. Kyocera ECOSYS or the TASKalfa line of multifunctionals. That's how we (those of us in the copier industry) think of our productivity-boosting equipment. You don't. You use the copier; the laser printer in the hallway; the color printer near Sally's office; the big printer. All you want to do is print, scan, copy, and even fax documents when you need to. You could care less that it's a Kyocera ECOSYS M2040dn or a Doodad 5054pie. You just want it to work. That's why we focus on how the equipment we provide can be used to improve your business. You don't buy or lease a copier just to have one – you need to print church bulletins, contracts, invoices, customer newsletters, legal briefs, etc.
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5 Hidden Ways to Save Money and Make Better Decisions With Print Tracking

on Sep 22, 2017 4:01:33 PM By | Gary Harouff | 0 Comments | Managed Print Services Print Control Copiers
When the topic of print tracking comes up, many people think of it as just a way to keep tabs on what their employees are printing each month. Or, if you are in a busy law firm, perhaps you are using print tracking to bill back clients. Those are two great reasons to turn on print tracking software. What you may not think about is the fact that print tracking, combined with analytics, is a hidden key to business success. With an honest eye on the who, what, when, and where of your printer fleet, coupled with detailed trend reports, you can make more informed business decisions, be more productive, enhance the security of your documents, and save money.
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Buying a Laser Printer – The Problem Might Be You

A blog post, The Printer We Need, got me thinking about how much office equipment like laser printers and copiers is taken for granted. The author bemoans the fact that printers don't work. Not everyone wants to print color or color photographs. Ink's expensive (that's true). And that someone needs to produce a low-cost, reliable black and white printer for people like himself to buy. Well! He goes on to suggest what he wants – which basically seems to be something that's small, attractive, and has features that I'm not sure fit with small and attractive.
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How Do you Clean Copier Glass? With...Windex!?

For years, we recommended NEVER using Windex – or any other cleaning product with alcohol – to clean the glass on your copier. Our clients would sometimes even get annoyed at the recommendation – but it's just EASY to spray Windex, wipe, and be done. True, but the alcohol in Windex could also dry out exposed belts. Not a big deal, right? Well, the belts are part of the system that moves paper through the machine. Dry belts don't work as well, are prone to breaking, and that means less productivity for you and more service calls for us. That's changed.
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