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The AIS IT Services and Office Technology Blog. Insights and perspective into what works and makes businesses more competitive.

Top 5 Common Data Security Breaches: Prevention

on Mar 25, 2020 8:54:35 AM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security Managed IT
READ TIME: 5.5 MINS.  Cybercrime and data security breaches could be considered the curse of the 21st century. By 2021, it will cost the world $6 trillion annually. With half of the attacks targeting small businesses, beefing the security to avoid data security breaches must be on the agenda. Cybercriminals usually capitalize on the lack of awareness. Many companies manage to avoid professional IT advice and simple security measures, allowing hackers to steal sensitive data. 
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Office 365 Cyber Attacks: How to Protect Your Business in 2019

on May 15, 2019 12:00:14 PM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security
READ TIME: 5 MINS What is your business doing to prevent cyber attacks from occurring? Have you heard the recent cyber attacks concerning the Microsoft Office 365 “account-takeover?” If either of these questions is unfamiliar to you, it’s time to listen up. The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a statement on Microsoft Office 365 cybersecurity stating that many IT consulting companies and MSPs (Managed IT Services Providers) involved in the 365 account-takeover have not appropriately been securing their cloud-based services for their customers.
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Online Security: Avoiding Holiday Shopping Internet Scams

on Dec 11, 2018 10:15:54 AM By | Gary Harouff | 0 Comments | Security
It’s that time of year again and what better way to spend the holidays than learning about online security and internet holiday shopping and the best ways to avoid internet scams? Internet hackers and cybercriminals are in their prime when it comes to the holiday season. More and more people doing their holiday shopping online, making it easier for hackers to attack.
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Using Managed IT Services to Avoid Digital Scams

on Oct 18, 2018 9:17:36 AM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security
There’s no better time to talk about managed IT services than October since it’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Created as a collaborative effort, NCSAM helps ensure we have the resources we need to stay safe and more secure online, for both our homes and businesses. You probably don’t think about cyber security every day, but that’s ok, most people don’t. That’s where we can help!
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Network Security Issues: 10 Tips to Keep Your Business Secure

on Apr 20, 2018 9:03:00 AM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security
In the ever-evolving world of information technology (IT), new network security issues erupt daily. And while you most likely won’t be the target of a Russian state-sponsored hacking effort, any company that relies on IT (nearly every company does) to manage some or all of their information and data is at risk.
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