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7 Ways IT Services Help SMBs Win

on Aug 11, 2017 1:17:09 PM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Insider Security Resources & Training Managed IT Services
Managed IT services give SMBs access to best practice IT strategies for a predictable monthly fee. Successful companies today need an efficient, flexible IT infrastructure to compete and win. Smart companies see IT as a critical piece leading to business success. Smart SMBs are taking advantage of IT services to outsource all or parts of their IT infrastructure so they can focus on their business. Here are 7 ways IT services improves your information technology infrastructure and helps your business succeed.
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The 7 Deadly Sins of SMB Cybersecurity

on Aug 3, 2017 12:24:39 PM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security Managed IT Services
Your cybersecurity arrogance could lead to your extinction.  A data breach will cost your business money. Yes, even if you're “only” a small to medium business (SMB). As I've said before, cybercriminals are after you too because you're usually easy meat. The Ponemon Institute calculates that it costs $158 for every lost or stolen record (from 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis). Sound like an overestimate? Nope. That cost includes direct costs (discounts to keep customers happy, forensic experts, and outsourcing hotline support); indirect costs (internal time to investigate); and an extrapolation of decrease in brand value and lost customers. I'll say it again: a data breach will cost your business money.
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Network Security Isn't Only a Technology Issue – SMBs Need to Create a Culture of Security

on Jul 27, 2017 12:20:41 PM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security Managed IT Services
If your employees don't understand how important they are to the security of your company, your company's information will never be truly secure.   You can have the most cutting-edge security infrastructure, patched promptly to prevent security gaps, and backed by a data backup plan to help you ignore ransomware demands. Despite your best intentions, all it takes is one click on a phishing email by an employee and your entire network could be compromised.   So stop viewing security as only a technology problem. It's a people problem too.
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