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IT and Copier Talk Your Business Can Rely On

The AIS IT Services and Office Technology Blog. Insights and perspective into what works and makes businesses more competitive.

Why IT Outsourcing Is Now More Important Than Ever

on Oct 29, 2020 8:00:00 AM By | Dave Clark | 0 Comments | IT Services Articles All Types All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 6 MINS.  Many small business owners wonder whether IT outsourcing is a good idea for their company or if it’s just an added expense they can go without.  While there are certain advantages to having an internal IT team in-house, managed IT services are often a better solution for startups and small businesses to large corporations.
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Business Phone System: Top 5 Desk Phone Features

on Oct 26, 2020 10:00:00 AM By | John Taylor | 0 Comments | Telecommunications Articles All Types All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 4.5 MINS.  Communication is the lifeblood of any business, primarily as so many of us work from home (WFH).  Sales reps need to reach out to prospects to close deals. Managers need to interact with team members (either in-person or remotely) to keep business operations running smoothly. Customers need to contact companies for support and troubleshooting. The list goes on and on.
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Managed IT: Do You Know What Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) Is?

on Oct 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM By | Dave Clark | 0 Comments | IT Services Articles All Types All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 5 MINS.  A service level agreement (SLA) indicates the type of services your managed IT services provider offers you and what you can expect from their service to you. This agreement is something you always need to read carefully, as many of us fail to do.
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Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Office Copier? Top Benefits of Each

on Oct 22, 2020 8:00:00 AM By | Marissa Olson | 0 Comments | Articles All Types All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 7 MINS.  You’re on deadline and need to send out an important document and make additional copies of the report as soon as possible. So, you go over to your office copier and enter the information.  You eagerly wait for the copies to start coming out and for the scan to send, but nothing happens. So, you enter the information again—but the copier just isn’t responding. the same thing happens. "This can’t be happening!"
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Temperature Scanners Comparison: Contactless Thermal Scanner vs. Forehead Thermometer

READ TIME:  5 MINS.  Who could have guessed we’d be comparing contactless thermal scanners to a standard forehead thermometer—never in a million years! But, it is 2020, after all, and these crazy times continue challenging our everyday lives. “How can my business navigate through such uncharted waters?”  “What changes should we make that supports our current and future business models?”  “When is it safe to bring my employees back to the office?”
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