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Remote Monitoring
Remote    Monitoring
When your network goes down; it’s hard for you to work. The AIS help desk support team is staffed with over 30 systems engineers who monitor your network and applications every hour of every day. Their goal is simple: ensure that your network and line-of-business applications run to optimal standards. They work to ensure that you can too. These experts are focused on identifying potential issues, avoiding complications from slow servers, preventing security breaches, managing data spikes, and eliminating server or application crashes.
What does this mean for your business in simple terms? There are five key benefits to outsourced remote monitoring and management:
  1. Maintenance – Your network and apps are proactively managed and patched without you ever needing to worry about keeping them up to date.
  2. Security – Every company is (rightly) worried about network security. While no system is perfect, we continually monitor your system for threats – this keeps the possibility of a breach as close to zero as possible and prevents data loss. No system is impregnable; but we’re close.
  3. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – The costs of staffing, hardware, software, and maintenance and upgrades adds up over time. Outsourced remote monitoring reduces or eliminates those costs for a known monthly rate.
  4. Minimize Downtime – When servers go down, a business can grind to a halt. With 24/7 monitoring of servers, AIS can prevent issues that cause server downtime.
  5. Productivity – AIS monitors and maintains your network and technology so that you can focus on growing your business.
As your business grows, your network grows – in size and complexity. No matter the size of your IT infrastructure, networks, or applications; we have you covered. If it has an IP address, AIS can monitor it:
  • Servers and their applications
  • Routers, switches, and access points
  • Firewalls and Security appliances
  • Websites and load balancers
  • SQL databases
  • UPS, generators, temperature and humidity
  • Log files and bandwidth usage across all connected devices
  • Monitor anything you want to measure – disk, CPU, bandwidth, load, and more
When your IT team goes home for the day, we’re still monitoring your network. Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that your network is in good hands with AIS!!!

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