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Peggy Sawyer

Peggy's been the copier business for over 20 years, worked as the Logistics Manager of AIS since 2004. On the weekends, she enjoys camping, boating, and off road riding with her family and dogs.

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Logistics Management: Best Practices for a Flawless Shipping Process

on Jun 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM By | Peggy Sawyer | 0 Comments | Insider Articles All Topics All Industries Service
READ TIME: 6 MINS. What shipping processes does your business have in place, and how do you continually implement them within your logistics department? Maybe you’ve noticed a number of incorrect, fulfilled orders, or missing inventory, leaving you wondering, “How do I fix this?” When it comes to shipping and logistics management, it’s imperative to have an exceptionally organized warehouse, and well-trained employees, so your customers are receiving what they ordered in an accurate and timely fashion.
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