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Free Printer Giveaway FAQs


Free Printer Giveaway FAQs


Frequently asked questions


Q: Why are you giving away 100 FREE Printers?

A: We want to show you how you will Worry Less With AIS. We are so confident in our service and our products, we know our winners will fall in love with our services the second we step into your business to set up your new device. And plus, everyone likes free stuff, right?

Q: Who is AIS?

A: AIS is a business technology company that specializes in: managed document services, IT managed services, 3D printers, document and process management, and telephone systems. We believe in accountability and are always here for our customers whenever they need us.

Q: Why are you giving away 20 FREE Printers to non-profits?

A: AIS loves to serve our community, that’s why we always give back to our local non-profit organizations. Besides the community service assistance we give to them, we are also awarding an additional 20 printers to be given to non-profits for any of the winning companies that create the best social media post or, a non-profit organization they want to give a printer to.

Q: What’s the catch?

A: There is none! No gimmicks, no contracts, and no extra fees. Your printer will be delivered network-ready, and installed just for you. 

Q: What kind of printer is this and how much does it retail for?

A: Kyocera P2040DW office printer. To take a look at the specs of this printer, click the link, here. This printer has a retail value of $650

Q: What are the requirements?

A: All we ask is that you use our printer for one year and give us some feedback on what you think of it! If you really want to be generous, we’d love a testimonial on your experience of working with us.

Q: How does the contest work?

A: It’s simple! Sign up using the form, check back on our site weekly or check your email to see if you’ve won, and that's it.

Q: Can I submit more than one entry for my business?

A: In order to be fair, only one entry is allowed per business.  

Q: When are you selecting winners?

A: Winners will be selected and announced every Friday during the month of September. Charity winners will be announced on October 19th.

Q: What if I want additional features?

A: Additional features are available for you to purchase. Yes—Just ask your business technology consultant.

Q: How do I know if my business is eligible?

A: Your business is eligible to participate if you have at least 4 employees, contain a valid business license, and are located in one of the markets we serve. For more information on eligibility, refer to the rules page here.

Q: What do you need from me?

A: All you have to do is fill out the form online to enter to win. Click here to register.Up

Q: Am I obligated to buy from you?

A: No, there are no obligations or requirements in order to participate in this giveaway.

Q: Can I call you for service and/or toner?

A: Absolutely, and please do! We are here to assist you throughout your entire experience while using our products and services. Don't forget to ask your business technology consultant about our 'Just In Time' Toner Program. If you're a winner, all you need is paper and electricity.

Q: What if I want a color printer? What’s the cost difference? Can I upgrade?

A:  Great question! Upgrading is certainly something we can assist you with. Once your business technology consultant contacts you, ask them about a color printer upgrade.

Q: If I win, can I upgrade the printer?

A: Yes, there are a few additional upgrades for this printer such as paper trays. Please contact one of our business consultants for information and pricing details.




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