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Can You Be HIPAA Compliant in the Cloud? Yes, Here’s How

on Nov 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Security IT Managed Services Hipaa compliance
Moving some or all of your business data to the cloud can improve your business’ efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs. However, before you do move data – especially customer data – to the cloud, you need to do your research regarding compliance. And when you're a HIPAA-covered entity, it's even more important to consult with your cloud partner. A good cloud provider will take this issue seriously and will work with you to be sure you’re comfortable.
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Assessing Network Risk for a HIPAA-covered Entity

Every company is concerned with network and data security. If your business needs to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) you have an additional level of concern – you must meet strict compliance requirements for protected health information. Many companies have no idea how exposed they are to risk. That's why our first step in our IT managed services engagements is to assess the risk exposure of our clients. We have to know where your network stands so that we can make the right recommendations based on what your business needs. Because many potential customers kept asking us, “OK, what's that?”, I wrote “What Is a Network Risk Assessment?” last year.  Recently, we've spoken to many companies in the healthcare industry, all HIPAA-covered entities.
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