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Joshua Weiland

Josh is a seasoned network and infrastructure engineer, a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force, and a Star Wars aficionado. He believes that when it comes to technology, the typical nerd is more of a stereotype— and that idea is something that needs change. "It's time for us geeks to realize the value and importance of customer service and proper communication." As much as he enjoys staring at lines of code, or creating his own intrusions and hacks, he can't help but love to take a magnifying glass and soldering iron to a circuit board. It's a great break that continuously improves his hardware skills."

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Managed IT Services: Going to War With Technology

on Dec 18, 2019 10:48:56 AM By | Joshua Weiland | 0 Comments | Insider IT Services Articles All Topics All Industries
READ TIME: 7 MINS. This isn’t for the seasoned Sergeants or Colonels in the United Federation of Technology DOOM Marines field. If you’ve been through World War II, World War 98, and survived to make it to World War Cloud, then you probably have a solid grasp on things. However, if you’re someone with no clue— a butter bar Lieutenant who insists Apple is King, or even an old school General with that grey beard still hanging on to why Linux is King, you might want to take a solid look-see at what I’m about to say about managed IT services. Because you're probably already at war.
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