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Working From Home?








How's that commute from the highway to the hallway going?

Are you working the best you can from home? We've got your back! Our offerings are waiting for you to create, collaborate, connect, and communicate efficiently and securely—all from the comfort of your home.

Our New Normal

Although our new way of living and working is a continuous adjustment, there are still things we have to do to keep our businesses up and running. As the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) proceeds to impact our everyday life, many of our Work From Home (WFH) initiatives are now more long-term than initially planned.

So, what does that mean for the needs of your business and the customers you support?

Because of our uncertain timeline, all remote businesses and employees must become fully functioning at home, just as they did at the office. 

Partnering with AIS means you have options.

We adapt to meet your business needs. Our products and services are now designed to support all of your office technology demands so that your business can continue on its path of growth and success. Now is a pivotal time for your business to rise above the rest—and we can take you there! 


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Cure Your Quarantine Work Symptoms

Your Pain Points Meet Our Solutions

Devices & Support All In One Place

Have you ever thought about the convenience of having all your technology handled by one company? We’re now offering new and additional programs that will quickly get your business back on its feet. Better yet, now is the time to take your business to the next level!

The AIS Work From Home Bundles and Offerings:

  • IT Support and Services: Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Help Desk, and Tools (keeping your connectivity and conversations safe and secure)
  • Telecom and Digital Phone Systems: Have full access to all your communication tools that enable remote working but allows you to feel like you're still at the office.
  • All In One Output Devices: Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Faxes (all in One/Multifunction devices) delivered by us and self-installation options.







WFH Roadblocks

The Services You Never Knew You Needed

You’re probably noticing that your home office is lacking a few tools that would make your job a whole lot easier. Although the beginning of this pandemic seemed more short-term, we’re now experiencing more long-term and full-time WFH initiatives. So, what does this mean for your home office? There are additional or unfamiliar technology tools that your business requires now that you’re working remotely—many are ones you never knew you needed or existed.

Learn the questions you should be asking about your office technology.

It's Simple: You Ask, We Answer.


IT Support & Services

When all of your employees were working under one roof, it was relatively easy to manage the security and infrastructure of their technology devices. But now that many are WFH, it’s up to employees to make sure they’re operating safely and securely. Unfortunately, cybercriminals take advantage of vulnerable times like this. Now more than ever is when we fall short of practicing safe internet protocols—making your business data and files extremely susceptible to online attacks.

You’ve got enough on your plate. Don’t let a cyberattack be another thing you have to worry about. 

Microsoft Office 2013 Logo File:Microsoft Office Teams (2018–present).svg - Wikimedia Commons dell-logo AWS Marketplace: Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall


Network Connectivity is a top priority and essential as you work remotely. You and your team members need a reliable and sustainable IT infrastructure (even from home) to ensure safe and efficient access to all business files and each other. We can solve your network connectivity questions in a snap.

  • How do I connect all my staff that is working from home?

  • Can I have home access to all my files from the office?

  • Is my home office network safe and secure?

  • Is my office safe while all my staff works from home?




Collaboration Tools have been waiting for you—and there's a whole lot of them! Although the shift from in-person meetings to virtual demo's can seem daunting, it's actually pretty easy. The hard part? Knowing which tools, tips, and solutions best suit the demands of your customers and prospects.

  • How can I make appointments and meet my customers during stay-at-home orders?

  • Can I video conference with prospects or customers from home?

  • How do I fix the audio issues I'm having with my mic and speakers on my laptop?
  • How can I share my screen, presentations, or perform demonstrations online?

  • How do I collaborate with my team members from home?

  • Can I take and use my Microsoft Office applications at home?

  • Can I record my virtual meetings?

  • Can I share recorded meetings with other absent staff members?

Security and Virus Protection is sometimes easy to overlook or forget about. But, who can you count on when disaster strikes? Your IT guy may not be able to provide you the support and protection your devices and employees need.  

  • Are my conversations private?

  • Can I have a secure connection to my office?

  • Can my team get easily hacked now that they are working at home?

  • What about virus protection?

  • Are we protected when my employees begin using the technology we provided for work for home browsing, buying, etc.?

The safety and security of your technology is so critical, especially when working from home. Learn more:





Telecom & Phone Systems

Many remote workers have been scrambling to find ways to set up call forwarding from their desk phone to their mobile devices or cell phones. As the need for communicative tools is at an all-time high right now, a fully-functioning phone system is a must. But, many of us are also noticing the need for extra telecom tools that we never previously considered, such as noise-canceling headphones. We’re also experiencing more distractions than normal working from home. So, any additional tools to help us accomplish our daily tasks is worth looking into. 

Now is the time to say goodbye to your phone problems. You can call on us.


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  • Can I forward my office phone to my cell phone?

  • Do I need a new number?

  • Can I keep my office phone number?

  • Where can I get a good headset?

  • How can I receive faxes?

  • Can I send and receive SMS text messages from my staff, prospects, and customers?

  • Can I connect my desk phone at home?




Copiers, Printers, & Scanners 

Your small inkjet copier that was collecting dust in your guest room is not one designed for your fully-functioning home office. You need the same capabilities at home as you did in the office. This is where an All In One or Multifunction Printer (MFP) comes in handy. Typical MFPs today can copy, scan, print, fax, and email documents. Additional add-on software can allow them to do even more to manage the document workflow and secure documents so that your business can increase efficiency, control access, or meet industry compliance guidelines.

We've got what you need: An All In One device for all remote settings.

Xerox – Logos Download

Kyocera – Logos Download

  • Where do I get a cheap color copier/printer/scanner (all-in-one device)?

  • Are the retail all-in-one printers worth it?

  • What are the supply costs?

  • Where do I get service?

  • I don’t plan on working from home indefinitely, can I bring my new devices back to the office?

  • Can I print from my smartphone to my home printer?

  • Can I print lengthy documents from home to my office to pick up later?




Installation & Support 

Our technology experts will quickly walk you through an easy installation process of all hardware, software, and device configurations. In-person or over the phone, we'll guide you every step of the way. You also have access to an abundance of helpful resources online, such as training videos, articles, and step-by-step tutorials.

  • How quickly can I get each of my staff home offices set up?

  • Can I do my own home office set up?

  • How do I connect all my devices so that they work together (such as my smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and all-in-one printer)?

  • How do I find supplies  (such as ink, toner, and paper)?

  • How do I set up my printer/copier?

  • Where can I find training tutorials for my new devices?

    Having problems? Our IT Help Desk is awaiting your call. 





Financing Options & Considerations

As each business differs from the other, we believe in giving you cost-specific options that work for you. We're here to address all of your questions on costs and pricing associated with your technology solutions. 

Times are tough, and we understand.

  • What is the cost for each of my employees to get set up working from home?

  • Can I finance my WFH bundles of equipment and services?

  • Can I have one low monthly rate?

  • I already have a laptop and a smartphone, what if I only need a printer or copier? What’s the cost?

  • What are the setup and installation fees?

  • Are there recurring fees for service, maintenance, and support?

AIS and our partners may offer even more support for your business without adding additional costs. Make sure to contact us to learn more about: 

  • Reduced monthly payments

  • 30, 60, and 90-day payment-FREE options

  • Monthly payment deferrals

  • FREE Software tools

  • Right size contracts and technology options to meet your business or financial needs.

AIS Headline News


Safety First: The AIS Way

Whether we are visiting you at home or the office, we are committed to providing you peace of mind.

Your health and safety continue to remain our top priority.

Below are new and updated safety procedures all of our employees are practicing:

  • Strictly follow all CDC health recommendations

  • Implementation of internal cleaning initiatives of all our facilities  

  • Continuous communication to all staff with updated safety standards as they occur

  • The utilization of hand sanitizing spray before, during, and after any contact with a business/home office, equipment, or staff member

  • Disinfecting towel use when servicing all equipment, including glass and control panels before leaving an external site

  • Temporary suspension of all travel and in-person demonstrations when required, by leveraging video conferencing and telephony platforms (to reduce person-to-person contact)