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We Specialize In Your Phone Needs

With AIS you’re working with a team of experts in the communication technology field

AIS has the resources and expertise needed to craft a communication solution tailored to meet the needs of your business. With AIS, you have access to experts in the areas of Business Communication Solutions, Cloud and On-premise (Onsite) Phone Systems, Contact Centers, Mobility, Call Recording, and Archiving and Collaboration


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Whether you're a small to medium-sized business (SMB) interested in lowering your monthly costs, a municipality that needs 24/7 reliability and connections with your staff or manage a fleet of call-center operations, we have the right solution or partner to support your business today and tomorrow.


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Technology Brief

Communication technology has merged simple telephony with data and video to create total business communication systems. We understand the complexity of system integration needed in today’s world and provide unified solutions for single offices, multiple locations or large call centers.

Our knowledge and expertise in the field of business communication technologies allow us to continually deliver industry-leading Cloud and Hosted Systems, IP Telephony, Digital Telephony, Call Center, Call Recording, and Mobility Solutions for your business.





Cloud Phone Systems

Our phone systems are located in secure data centers and monitored 24/7. Delivered as a monthly subscription, our cloud systems integrate phones, collaboration, and fax systems to your business applications.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing(often called “hosted” or “software as a service”) is an increasingly popular way to acquire new technologies.

Rather than purchase, install, and maintain an application, users subscribe to a monthly service in which cloud applications (including cloud VoIP systems) are located in secure data centers, and vendors take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections.

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Plenty of Benefits

The benefits of cloud phone systems are plentiful. If you’re looking to improve your company’s Strategic Focus, Evolution, Mobility and Uniformity, Disaster Recovery, Reliability, Resiliency, and Redundancy, now is the time to look closer at what Cloud Systems from AIS can do for you.

  • A selection of cloud-based VoIP alternatives eliminates IT headaches, reduces costs, and frees up your team, allowing them to work on projects that relate to your core business.

  • Cloud VoIP solutions allow you to protect your business’s voice just like you protect the integrity of your networks.

  • The difficulty in leveraging technology and telephony across many locations is another reason why cloud VoIP solutions are popular.

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On-premise Phone Systems

When you purchase your telecommunications system, you’re able to enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. On-premise phone systems provide the highest level of reliability, which means staying connected and more satisfied customers.


Deciding to install a new onsite phone system might seem challenging, but there are strategic reasons to consider it.  Why choose an Onsite Phone System?


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Do you have IT resources at hand? If you are accustomed to managing and maintaining an onsite communications system, you may want to consider managing the service in-house.

Some companies are required to control their own data for security or privacy reasons. Other companies simply feel more comfortable knowing they are in control of all maintenance, management, and upgrades.

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Capitalize your Expenses

Companies that prefer to capitalize on major expenses, rather than incur monthly operational expenses, are good candidates for an onsite business phone system.

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Leverage Current Investments

Your company is a good candidate if you are already running your own data center.

With the growth of virtualization, more and more businesses have eliminated redundant and expensive servers and instead rely on VMware and Hyper-V technologies to share hardware resources across an array of applications.


Spend time getting things done, not trying to get technology to work. We’ve seamlessly integrated instant messaging, online video meetings, on-the-fly conferencing, and more—all in one place.

How Do You Want To Collaborate?

Modern organizations are all about improving employee productivity and efficiency through effective collaboration and communication.

This means integrating all the important elements that connect employees and enrich their experience including social networking paradigms, video, discussion forums, and customized business applications.

Collaboration brings the promise of unified communication to your team.

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  • Stay in touch with co-workers has never been so easy - across the hall, across the country, or across the world

  • Share presentations with clients via a simple web interface that you can turn on while talking on the phone

  • Meet face to face via peer-to-peer video and room-based conferencing, cutting travel costs dramatically

  • Enables remote workers to engage with onsite staff completely—hire the right person for the job, no matter where they live

Contact Center

Implementing a system that routes calls, web-chats, and emails to the right person the first time will help you build a base of loyal, satisfied customers. Call recording features and a reporting dashboard make it easy to optimize productivity.

A Call Center That’s Always Available

Have a multi-national call center that operates globally 24/7/365? Need a way to make your small startup appear as professional as the big guys?

With IP telephony, multi-modal communications tools, robust reporting features, and application integration built right in, our Contact Center solution outshines the competition and will make your team a star performer for your bottom line.


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Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs With an ECC Designed to Deliver a Rapid Return on Investment
  • Agent screen pops with detailed customer information reduces interaction time

  • Advanced call routing ensures calls go to the right agents, reducing the service time per call

  • Real-time and historical information about callers, trunks, groups, and agent utilization allows supervisors to optimize resources

You’ve Invested In a CRM - Now watch It Really Pay Off
  • Quickly know not just who is calling, but why they’re calling

  • Track not just call volumes, but outcomes Salesforce, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, Symitar and more

  • Transfer the call and all customer history automatically


Take your office with you, stay in touch with your team, and stop giving out your personal number for company business. You can also make your mobile phone or tablet your personal extension on your company’s phone system.

Mobility Solutions Let You Take Your Office With You

Need to make staying in touch more convenient for employees when they’re out of the office? Wish your employees didn’t give out their personal phone numbers for company business?

Utilize mobility applications that put desk phone features on all popular smartphones and tablets so that your employees can stay in touch professionally no matter where they go.

  • Transform your mobile device into a mobile workstation while maintaining a professional identity

  • Work like a pro from your favorite device—including the Apple Watch

  • Give your iOS and Android devices high-performance UC (unified communications) features

  • Deploy secure enterprise communications

  • Alleviate IT’s security concerns

  • Available for on-premise systems as an appliance or virtualized application

  • Simplify system management and deployment with a single solution for all UC systems

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