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Business Phone Systems and VoIP


VoIP Business Phone Systems

By 2020, 42% of workers will be mobile. Can your phone system support your employees wherever they are? Could your phone system still operate if your HQ burned to the ground (or, less dramatically, was simply inaccessible for a few days?).

Did you know that companies that moved their business phone systems to VoIP spend 50 to 75% less than before on their phone costs (with more functionality)?

Did you know that SMBs save 40% on the cost of local phone calls after a switch to VoIP?

Ready to improve your business phone systems? Read on.

Unified Communications

Fewer phone calls are made over land lines every year. Calls can be placed over the Internet (that's VoIP, a phone call carried on the same data stream as any other Internet traffic), and of course via cell phones.

Your business needs to communicate – voice, Web meetings, or text – reaching customers and co-workers is the core of business success. And your business needs to communicate 24/7, on any device, and anywhere.

You need a provider that will give you choice and flexibility for your telephone solution – not a one-size-fits-all “solution.” Cloud-based, on-premises, or a hybrid; our scalable phone solutions will answer your communication needs.

  • Are you updating your legacy phone system?
  • Expanding and adding a new office?
  • Have a dispersed workforce and deciding to look into VoIP (voice over IP)?

Regardless of where you are in the process, AIS can help.


Button, button, who's got the button? Have you ever been confronted with a phone that you had no idea how to operate? Our telephone systems are ALWAYS easy to use and user friendly. Easy-to-use features improve adoption – and productivity.

Our Business Phone System Services

We sell, install, and service Shoretel products. Whether you call it telephony, telecommunications, or, simply, the phone; we offer a full range of services to ensure that you can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


VoIP Business Phone Systems

We can take advantage of existing PBX infrastructure for a hybrid IP-PBX phone system, a hosted IP system, or a hybrid hosted/on-premises system. Regardless of type of service, VoIP (Internet protocol) phone systems offer more than a call connection. Video conferencing, instant messaging, online collaboration, and mobility are areas of functionality that can lift your businesses productivity and reduce costs. All business phone systems have a distributed architecture that results in 99.99% availability so when a customer calls, you'll be able to answer.

You can integrate your phone with your existing infrastructure for advanced collaboration.


Integrate your phone with your existing infrastructure with open APIs. Click on the “Conference” button in Outlook and instantly change a calendar appointment into a work session with dial-in and Web sharing information. Focus on getting work done, not getting ready to work.

Unified Communications means less time searching for a way to connect.

Unified Communications

Improve collaboration by going beyond voice. With a single solution (which simplifies IT management time – no need to manage, support, and integrate multiple applications), extend communication capability in four ways:

  1. Instant messaging – quick answers without the need for meetings or email
  2. Video and audio conferencing – move from audio to chat to video as needed
  3. Screen sharing – get everyone on the same page with baked in screen sharing
  4. Mobility – with one click, remote workers can join a meeting from tablet or smart phone
A good Contact Center lets you make sure your customers are reaching the right person every time.

Contact Center

To fully satisfy customers, they need to be able to reach you. Each time you touch your customer is an opportunity to dazzle them with excellent service by being able to access their account information quickly, route calls to the right person effectively, and to simply have someone on the other end of the “line” to talk to. A contact center also allows you to personalize each interaction and generate revenue by cross-selling or up-selling.

SIP Trunking lets you keep your phone system while adding benefits from the cloud.

SIP Trunking

Happy with your current phone system, but want the benefits of the cloud? SIP trunking could be the answer for your needs. If your current phone system connects to the Internet, SIP trunking can provide you with digital voice services. Benefits include scalability, reliability, and, in most cases, instant savings from the switch; you pay only for what you use.

CpaaS uses text capabilities to improve your customer touch points via notifications, reminders, and more.


Communications platform as a service allows a company to build customized functionality WITHOUT having to invest in or manage the software and hardware to support that functionality. Add voice to your current applications or use CpaaS to use SMS capabilities to improve customer touch points. What kind of touch points? Notifications and reminders; gather customer feedback with surveys and polls; provide customer self-services; and more – Cpaas is flexible enough to let your imagination roam wild.

AIS offers three telephone deployment options to fit any need.
  • AIS Connect CLOUD is an all-in-one unified communication system hosted and managed in the cloud for worry-free convenience.
  • The comprehensive AIS Connect ONSITE system enables you to manage your data on-premises so it's easy to maintain complex integrations with other applications.
  • The convenient AIS Connect HYBRID model enables you to retain flexibility as you move some features to the cloud and keep others onsite, providing the best of both worlds.

Sound Like a Fortune 500 Company

AIS Connect Contact Center is a complete contact center solution that can operate 24/7/365 and provides the same level of phone service to your customers as they'd receive from a larger company. With IP telephony, multi-modal communications tools, robust reporting features, and application integration built right in, Connect Contact Center outshines the competition – and will make your team a star performer for your bottom line. And because it works with Connect CLOUD, ONSITE, and HYBRID deployments, you have increased flexibility to change the way you manage your communications solutions in the future.

Did any of this ring a bell? Speak to one of our experts today.

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