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Education, Legal, and Medical Organizations...

We speak YOUR language.

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We understand YOUR particular needs and points of pain.

Every business needs to print documents, secure their network, backup their data, plan their IT strategy, make telephone calls, and manage documents.

The services and IT tools that we maintain, sell, service, and implement are required by any successful business and any business that wants to grow.

Our customers include businesses and organizations across industries – from education to manufacturing to entertainment and more. However, we've had success in three particular markets.

AIS has developed core expertise and can speak the language of the following three document-intensive industries:
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Medical
Get Schooled on Network Security

Back to School With AIS

We help educational institutions cut costs and increase productivity by providing network security and cloud backup, outsourced management of copiers and printers to streamline budgeting, and document management solutions.

Use e-filing to help your Law Firm stop chasing paper

Legal – Stop Your Paper Chase

From efiling to security, to access, to case materials, AIS delivers solutions for law firms and legal departments designed to meet the needs to print, copy, manage, and secure documents.

HIPPA-compliant IT Solutions are the cure for all of your data security woes


We've got the cure for your printing, network security, and backup concerns. AIS delivers HIPAA-compliant solutions designed to simplify access to patient information, while keeping that information secure – whether paper or digital.

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