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Education Solutions

AIS can school your Las Vegas or Los Angeles school about IT Services and Printing Solutions

Back to school with AIS.

Public or private, from kindergarten to college your school needs to print and copy documents daily. From permission forms to student packets, your teachers, staff, and students rely on the ability to find, print, and copy documents when needed.

AIS can help.

Our IT services can ensure a secure network for your institution. As more schools allow students to use their smart phones and other devices to access the WI-fi network to do research and homework, a secure network is essential. Likewise, access to confidential student records needs to be secure and backed up so that a student's records can follow them for their entire student career.

We work with schools to buy, lease, or manage (via PrintCare) all of their printers and copiers. We work to ensure the right fit – from multifunction printers capable of printing thousands of flyers and other documents per day to desktop printers that enable student counselors to print confidential documents in the privacy of their offices.

Finally, our document management solutions, based on DocuWare, will provide a centralized and secure repository of information – from student records to contracts to invoices. Fast and easy access to digital documents allows staff to find the information they need quickly and get more done. Combined with multifunction printers, you can even eliminate some paper use and free up space because you won't need filing cabinets for paper any longer.

We service individual schools, city- or county-wide school systems, and universities.

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