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Tired of moving at the speed of paper?

There's no reason for your paperwork to be done on paper today.

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Information at your fingertips.

Using document management and business process software (and your copier to digitize paper), you can automate business processes and simplify access to information across your business. And you'll improve security. 

Every business runs on and relies on documents – contracts, invoices, business plans, marketing brochures, teaching materials, case files, insurance claims . . . the list is nearly endless. 

Yet many businesses don't understand or take advantage of the opportunities that document software can deliver.

Think of the simple task of finding a customer file. Here's the process with a paper file:

  1. Realize the file isn't on your desk
  2. Walk to the correct filing cabinet in your office (if you're lucky), down the hall, or in your fileroom
  3. Find and open the right drawer, flip through manila folders
  4. A-ha! You found it!
  5. Return to your desk and follow up with the customer (who couldn't have their question answered immediately because you had to find their file)
  6. Return the file to its proper location

Fact is, 19.8% of business time is spent looking for the information and documents they need to do their job? (Source: Interact)

That means that roughly one day a week is wasted looking for the right information.

Do you think you and everyone else in your office could find a better use for that time?

Document management software creates a digital repository of all company content that is secure and easily accessible – seconds rather than minutes.

Business process software ensures the smooth flow of work within your business, speeding processes and improving customer service.

Paper is easy to lose or toss out. Digital files are easier to organize and search.

Document Management

Replace easy to lose and hard to access paper documents with digital documents. If you're tired of looking at an ocean of paper on desks around your office – and trying to find documents in that paper ocean – electronic document management is the answer.

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Paper literally slows you down. Automate your workflow and operate at the speed of light...and not paper.

Business Process

Shuffling paper through your business process is slow and inefficient. Workflow automation helps you operate at the speed of business today – not at the speed of paper.

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