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Document Management

Managed Document Solutions in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Southern California

Document Management

Find and manage ALL of your business documents.

How tired are you of digging through stacks of paper files looking for the right document?

Not only is this annoying, it's hurting your business' productivity.

Consider this:

  • Employees spend an average of 18 minutes looking for a document
  • Up to 5% of a company's files are lost or mislaid at any given moment
  • Paper doubles in volume ever 3.3 years – do you have room for twice the number of filing cabinets as you do now?

Paper also slows you down. Routing an invoice for approval from desk to desk is slow – and what if someone is on vacation?

Document management speeds up business processes and lets you retrieve documents in seconds.

Replace easy to lose and hard to access paper documents with digital documents. If you're tired of looking at an ocean of paper on desks around your office – and trying to find documents in that paper ocean – electronic document management is the answer. 

What Does Document Management Do?

  • Store, search, and retrieve documents from a central repository
  • Find files with the click of a mouse and from anywhere – computer or mobile device
  • Index documents to improve search and the ability to retrieve documents
  • Use workflow software to automate business processes
  • Integrate with other IT systems such as CRM and ERP 

Control Over Your Documents

Document management gives you control over your documents. Documents can be set with permissions and will have audit trails every time a document is touched by an employee for improved security and compliance.

Collaborate With Your Documents

With version control, you'll always be sure you're looking at the most recent document. And because multiple people can access a digital document simultaneously, collaboration is easier.

Improve Business Processes With Your Documents

Combined with workflow, document management can automate any business process. Documents that are “born digital” never need to be printed – they can be routed according to your business rules entirely electronically. Paper documents entering your business can be scanned (with your multifunction printer or a scanner) and then routed.

3 Document-Intensive Processes EVERY Business Has

There are three document management problem areas in EVERY company: human resources, accounts payable, and invoice processing. Document management can relieve the tedium (and inefficiency) of shuffling papers around your office. 

Human resources departments can use document management to capture documents and associate them with an employee's file. For employee dismissal or compliance reasons, information for each employee – like emails and attachments, performance reviews, etc. – can be linked to each employee. Document management can also help companies keep up with certifications and renewals.

Accounts payable and invoice processing can be streamlined with workflow and document management. Index and store for easy retrieval all invoices in your company. Having invoices in a central location allows for version control and an audit trail if an invoice needs to be updated and allows multiple users to access an invoice at the same time (try that with a stack of paper invoices). Combined with workflow software, an invoice can be received, routed for approval and payment, and then archived entirely digitally. Speeding payment by routing invoices around bottlenecks can allow you to take advantage of early payment discounts and reporting keeps payment claims and discrepancies to a minimum.

Document management will improve any paper-intensive business process.

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