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Technology Solutions That Help Business Leaders Succeed

Take control of your business by reducing risks and lowering your costs to make you more profitable. Not sure where to start?

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You May Not Be Getting What You’re Paying For

Office technology continues evolving, and so should the way in which your business utilizes it. Failing to dedicate the right resources, time, and strategy to staying on top of the trends, you’ll quickly fall behind and continue experiencing:

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Poor efficiency and downtime


A weak or unsecured IT infrastructure


A higher cost per month of your technology products

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Technology Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard On You

We understand how frustrating and overwhelming office technology can be. You deserve to work with a partner who truly understands your business—your current and future IT needs—so you can finally experience solutions that reduce stress and free up your time.

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Ask for a Technology Assessment and Plan to Meet Your Scalability and Business Needs

You deserve a business technology plan that you’re confident in. As your solutions partner, we make it simple to achieve this in three easy steps to distance yourself from the competition.

What’s Everyone Saying?

“They [AIS] are dependable and reliable. We switched to AIS a little over a year ago...We have saved a tremendous amount of money, and the service is fantastic.”

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"This is the first time our server was down since partnering with AIS. My old IT company wouldn’t answer my phone calls or call me back until after 9 a.m. This service was great!

"Your company is truly customer service oriented on all levels, and we appreciate you and your team. We even have a favorite tech specialist!"

AIS Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS)® measures consumer loyalty by looking at their likelihood of recommending a business. This dedication metric holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers.

At AIS, we have a system that allows us to capture feedback after every service call. Employees at all levels of the organization understand it, which opens the door to customer-centric change and improved performance.

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Change is a Good Thing

Break Free From Technology Holding Back Your Business

As a business leader, your success is everything. Protect your business growth and ensure your success with a trusted partner. Say goodbye to feeling frustrated, confused, and vulnerable.