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The AIS Advantage

We are committed to serving Las Vegas, San Diego, Southern California, and the surrounding areas with quick resolution, responsiveness, a commitment to service, and a desire to always put our customer's needs first.

We focus on metrics that keep your business running.

Every company claims to “focus on the customer,” “put the customer first,” “exceed customer expectations,” and you've heard many others no doubt. 

We do.

And we track metrics that matter to you to prove our focus on you. We don't track vanity metrics or metrics that make us feel good about ourselves. 

Every metric we track reflects our dedication to customer service. And that dedication makes life easier for you.


We responded to 24,617 service calls in 2016 (across all locations). We responded to over half of those service calls in 2 hours or less. Basically, the competition claims they'll be there in under four hours. Combine our speed of response with our focus on first call resolution (92%) and we're finished before the competition even arrives.

Quick Resolution

You see these numbers everywhere on this site:

  • $12K+ in supplies for every service technician's vehicle
  • 58+ certifications per technician
  • $3.8 million of supplies and equipment in stock in our warehouses
  • 30+ factory-trained technicians
  • 120 days of stock in inventory

We invest in these five things because they ensure that we can respond to service calls and resolve them because we've got the parts in stock. We focus on technician education because technology changes rapidly and they need to keep their knowledge sharp. 

One Call Resolution

We've improved this metric 3 years in a row now. 92% of service calls are resolved in a single visit. That means you return to full productivity after ONE call.

Accurate Invoicing

No one ever likes to have questions or concerns that their bill is going to be wrong. We focus on accuracy – 98.5% of our invoices were accepted without question by our customers because they were 100% accurate. Of all of our invoices we created in 2016, only 1.5% had any type of question.

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