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How-To Copier Videos

Not sure how to use all of the functionality on your digital copier? These videos, courtesy of Kyocera, are a great place to start.

Kyocera's Simple Copying How-to

Are you benefiting from the many useful tasks your Kyocera TASKalfa MFP can perform on your copy jobs? Watch the video to view them all!


Kyocera's Simple Sending How-to

Streamline your workflow with useful scan and email features on your Kyocera TASKalfa MFP. Watch the video to view all the options.


Kyocera's Simple Optical Character Recognition

Save time, money and frustration with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), an optional feature on your Kyocera MFP that will allow you to quickly and accurately convert hardcopy documents into electronic files... files that can then be edited, searched, or shared in PDF format. This brief video will get you started.

Kyocera's Simple Form Overlay

Watermarks, signatures, mastheads and logos... These are just some of the ways Kyocera's Form Overlay function will enhance your document creation and management. As the name suggests, this optional MFP feature allows you to scan an image, and overlay it on to every image in your copy job, or overlay a previously stored form on original documents. This video will lead you through the steps.

Kyocera's Simple Text & Bates Stamping

Whether it's for compliance purposes (Healthcare), or evidence (Legal), or simply for organizational purposes (Education, Enterprise), you'll find countless ways to take advantage of the Text and Bates Stamping features available on your Kyocera MFP. These optional functions can be used independently or together, to designate a defined stamp such as date, time, user ID, even page count, on your copied output. 

Kyocera's Simple Blank Page Skip

When you've got a large copying job to get through, you probably place it in the document feeder and let it run automatically. The trouble is, every page gets copied -- including blank pages, which can add up to a lot of paper, and money, wasted. Eliminate that waste with the Blank Page Skip feature on your Kyocera MFP, a useful option allowing you to reduce paper waste by skipping over pages that contain no text. 

Kyocera's Simple Tab Printing

Despite today's digitized workflow and document management systems, the fact is we're still printing on paper, and we still need to organize hardcopy output. The optional Tab Printing feature on your Kyocera MFP helps with that organization, dividing sections of a project by printing on index tab dividers through the MFP's multipurpose tray. 

Kyocera's Simple Airprint

AirPrint™ is Apple technology that enables printing from iOS or OS X devices without installing any applications or drivers. With AirPrint, you can take advantage of driverless printing from iOS and OS X products to select KYOCERA printers on the same network. This capability enables mobile workers to quickly print hardcopy documents -- helping improve productivity, both inside your organization and on-the-go. 

Kyocera's Simple Booklet

Creating your own booklet is easy with the Booklet function on your Kyocera MFP. With the optional Booklet feature, you can scan multiple original documents, then print copies that can be folded into a single booklet, minimizing costs associated with outsourced reproduction of pamphlets and brochures. Let us show you how.

Kyocera's Simple Prevent Bleed-thru

A common issue when copying or scanning thin, double-sided originals such as newspapers or magazines is the bleed-through of text or highlighting from the reverse side. But with your Kyocera MFP, you can eliminate this with the optional Prevent Bleed-Through and Highlighter Reproduction features. These settings ensure that only the data and highlighting on the side being copied is read. 

Kyocera's Simple Covers & Page Inserts

Why outsource your presentation and booklet printing jobs, when you can print cover pages and inserts in-house with the Cover and Page Insert feature on your Kyocera MFP. This optional feature allows you to feed specialized card stock or other media types through the multipurpose tray. Then, at intervals you designate, the MFP will insert those pages within the job... automatically.

Kyocera's Simple Banner

Some jobs just call for a bigger printout. Posters, signage, designs and flow charts... If you're looking to go beyond the typical printout measurements of your standard sized paper trays without having to outsource the job, look to your Kyocera MFP. Their optional Banner feature allows you to output on paper sizes up to 12 x 48 inches using your Kyocera MFP's multipurpose tray. Learn how easy it is in this informative how-to video.

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