Document Scanning Process Software

Business Process Software may not help you go paper free, but going paper light can still speed up your business processes.

Removing paper from your business processes makes your business run faster.

Manually moving paper documents from desk-to-desk and person-to-person can be slow and error prone. There's no insight into task status and forget about re-routing work when someone is out sick or on vacation. 

With business process management and document scanning software, you can:

  • See the status of all tasks in your workflows
  • Work with documents from within LOB apps
  • Create substitution rules, reminders, and escalations to keep work flowing
  • Create your own workflows as you identify opportunities to streamline your business

Benefits and ROI

Research reveals substantial savings from process automation:

  • One-third of organizations have seen a decrease in their review and approval cycles and 62% say they have gained benefits from better routing to and between individuals. For 42%, the benefits come from greater organizational agility and routing between processes.
  • Faster processing of business-critical activities provides the biggest value for 53% of respondents. 45% cite their biggest value from fewer errors and exceptions processing.
  • ROI was within a year for 41% of respondents (17% cite ROI within 6 months). 25% of respondents said ROI was within 18 months. (Source: AIIM)

Ready to transform your business processes?

Two other technologies help to automate processes: forms processing and fax solutions.

Automated Forms Processing

Eliminate manual data entry – and manual data entry errors.

Manually entering data from forms is tedious, time-consuming, and error prone. Avoid costly clerical errors with digital forms – either scanning paper forms and extracting the data or eliminating paper forms totally with online Web forms. 

Once entered, forms data can be digitally routed through your appropriate business process.

Questionnaires, insurance forms, new hire forms, purchase orders, change orders, new client ingestion forms, and so many others; any form can be automated.

To capture a paper form, the form must be scanned and software then extracts the relevant data and passes it along to your database. For retrieval purposes, the data can be associated with a form type and assembled or an image of each form can be captured and stored (depending on your business requirements). Either way, forms are available for review and archival after they've gone through a business process.

Web forms capture and pass information to a workflow for verification to final approval. For example, a Web form can be used to create a purchase order. Supplier name, description, quantity, amount, and other required information is entered into the fields and stored as a purchase order. The order is automatically indexed (often by company name, account number, and/or order number) for later retrieval. 

Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms

Rather than ordering forms that can rapidly become outdated before use, forms can be stored on a printer or copier hard drive and printed on demand. This eliminates the waste of pre-printed forms and allows forms to be modified as needed. 

In healthcare, this allows for the quick printing of prescriptions. For schools, individual student reports, grades, and performance evaluations can be printed.

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AIS Fax Solutions

Faxing with your multifunction printer is quick and easy.

While you may still need to send faxes for digital signatures or other needs (HIPAA or FINRA regulations); you no longer need a fax machine to send a fax.

AIS can provide a fax solution that will enable you to send and receive faxes via your networked copiers and/or via email and your computers.

Turning copiers into fax machines provides a number of business benefits:

  1. Anyone in your company can use any fax-enabled copier to send and receive faxes
  2. With many copier fax solutions, such as FAX Hub from Kyocera, you only need a single phone line to provide fax capability to your entire company, saving money
  3. IT spends less time managing your fax infrastructure because there's no need for a fax server, a copier becomes a virtual fax server.

It's as easy to fax from a copier as from a fax machine – enter the fax number and press the “send” button. Fax status can be monitored on the fax journal, available on the copier display.

Data is transmitted via HTTPS for secure communications.

For additional flexibility, you can fax digital documents from your computer. No need to print and then fax a hard copy.

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