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Question 6: Do You Have a Plan And Know What To Do First?

Managed IT Services 101

Knowing which IT challenges to tackle first is as valuable a skill as the ability to address the challenges.

Buying IT or services isn’t a plan. Do you have a technology roadmap? Is it aligned with your company’s financial and operational goals/business plan? IT doesn’t operate in a vacuum, it exists to meet real business objectives.

What’s missing from your infrastructure? What technology do you need? Do you need new computers, email systems, firewalls, servers? And if you do, which one(s) do you need right now, which ones can wait? Can you mark some of them off the list completely or outsource any of your IT needs to the cloud?

That’s a lot, right? Let’s say you figure all of that out. Now you have to decide which one you need to do first. And if you’re lacking the ability to decipher what IT changes and upgrades are most important, it will be nearly impossible (at the very least difficult) to make the right decision on what order these needed improvements should be tackled in – especially when it all seems urgent, and it all needs to be done.

Your Managed IT Edge?

Assistance in goal setting is invaluable as you determine what steps you need to take to ensure your IT infrastructure meets the needs of today while planning for growth tomorrow.

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