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Protect Clients, Visitors & Staff With Touchless Temperature Scanner Kiosks


Your First Line of Defense Against COVID-19

& Other Contagious Diseases


The Automated Temperature Screening System (AATSSV3) Enterprise Edition (ADA & HIPAA Compliant) from Richtech System is an automated and touchless temperature screening system. Utilizing this device in your workplace is one of the best ways to ensure your employees, clients, and visitors' health and safety before interacting with anyone at your facility. This discreet imaging device can effectively detect a person’s temperature in less than three seconds, so there’s no waiting around. Users aren’t asked any questions; all they have to do is smile for the camera! 

This easy-to-set-up device can be configured with an additional floor stand or small desktop stand to sit atop any surface. The design is small and compact, so you’re able to place it just about anywhere. 

The V3 system utilizes thermal infrared sensing to detect the overall temperature distribution of a person’s face. This automation provides fast and efficient non-contact temperature checks with top-of-the-line temperature screening technology. 




  View our video to learn more about how temperature scanning is an essential measure in protecting your customers, visitors and employees visiting your business. 



Product Details

Below are some general features of the AATSSV3 Device:

  • NEW Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability: This allows integration into your PoE system without additional switches. You can connect directly to a laptop or a desktop without the need for an additional power source.
  • NEW Additional infrared LEDs: Increases the wake up out of the device is in standby and recognizes a person much faster when approaching the device.
  • NEW Dual wide-angle cameras: Widens the capture area to include more surrounding area for monitoring purposes.
  • NEW On-board WiFi module: This eliminates the purchase of a separate WiFi accessory increasing capabilities and decreasing cost.
  • Simple setup and easy to use software (with many configurable options) 
  • Requires no programming or networking knowledge
  • Automated and touchless operation
  • On and off alert signals and alarms with sound
  • Snapshot function with image and data storage
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Device access from any workstation
  • Password protected
  • ADA and HIPAA compliant
  • Access to a live camera feed
  • Datalog storage and exporting capabilities
  • Sensitivity to facial recognition
  • Face mask detection with audible feedback 


AATSSV3 Pro Device

What's Included?

Your temperature screening kiosk and device includes the following:

  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty provided by AIS
  • Hardware
    • IR Temperature Sensors
    • Dual Wide Angle Cameras
    • 7 inch LCD Screen
    • Durable Housing
    • Cabling
    • 10 ft. Power Cable
    • 10 ft. Ethernet Cable
    • Dimensions: 9" x 4.72" x 1.18"
  • Software
    • Plug-and-play system (software setup not required for screening functionality)
    • Ready-to-use WindowsⓇ compatible software
      Fully customizable settings for temperature range and alarm settings (tolerance levels)
    • Datalog capture and easy export to other applications
    • One admin login and up to five user logins


Optional Display Pedestal


Optional Installation: The AIS installation package includes setup and integration by one of our Network Specialists. 

Pick-Up or Delivery: You can choose same-day touchless pick-up at our warehouse in North Las Vegas. Once placing your order, we will call you to schedule a time that works best for you to pick up your temperature scanner.

If you choose to have your device delivered, it will arrive within a week of the purchase date. 

Payment: We offer several different options for payment, such as cash and credit card. Financing options are also available. 

AIS Safety Initiatives and Protocols: To learn more about what we're doing to keep our employees and clients safe, read about our safety initiatives on our COVID-19 Support Page.




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