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Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Vendor management helps you extract the most value from your vendors, controlling costs and ensuring that you receive the service you deserve – and contracted for.

We work with you to ensure you are getting what you pay for from your technology vendors. We evaluate each of your vendor contracts, costs, and deliverables. We then work to optimize your vendor relationships. Further, we work closely with your vendors to make sure you are getting responsiveness and quality our customers deserve.

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Here’s how we help:

  1. Communicate with you vendors to avoid misunderstandings and address issues proactively (keeping issues from becoming problems).
  2. Evaluate contracts to ensure they are fiscally sound & if there areas for improvement.
  3. Monitoring performance. Especially in the beginning, you need to be sure that your vendor is performing up to the contract. Whatever your metrics for success are (shipping times, quality of service, call responsiveness, etc.) need to be monitored to ensure the relationship starts off on a happy note.
  4. The goal of vendor management isn’t to put the screws to your partner (unless they’re underperforming). Helping you decide when to be flexible and when not is a key part of maintaining a long-term successful partnership.


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