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Our Process

Within minutes of a quick, easy installation, AIS’s Assessment & Management Utility (AMU) begins pulling detailed information from networked output devices, including the vast majority of printers, copiers, faxes and multi-function peripherals in use today. Powerful analytical tools then translate the raw data into useful reports, accessible anytime via Web interface. Reports include:
  • Current status for all networked output devices
  • Supply levels
  • Page counts/meter reads
  • Model descriptions
  • Serial and asset numbers
  • Printer locations
  • Utilization and page coverage
  • Cost/page tracking
  • Automated service alerts
  • Historical trend reports


Our invoicing breaks down billing based on lump-sum consumption making budgeting simple again.


real_time_reportingREAL-TIME REPORTING:

Know exactly what each printing device is costing your organization and divert printing to lower-cost printers and set rules such as duplexing.


printing_quotasPRINTING QUOTAS:

Put the power back into key decision makers hands using software to set quotas for departmental printing, as well as, charging back costs by individual device.


toner_and_serviceTONER & SERVICE:

A MPS program automatically alerts us when your printer supplies (toner, etc.) are low or the printer fails - automatically shipping out supplies or service without any interaction from you.


printer_efficiencyPRINTER EFFICIENCY:

Through print fleet analysis and our reporting you can see if Printer A is only using 5% of its capabilities while Printer B is at its max. We’ll help relocate or redistribute your printer fleet based on what we learn together.


environmentally_responsibleENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE:

We take recycling very seriously. Our Advanced Print Care MPS program incorporates toner and decommissioned printer recycling free of charge.


investment_maximizationINVESTMENT MAXIMIZATION:

Your MPS representative will hold quarterly analysis of your printer fleet so you can make informed, proactive decisions. As your printing needs and environment change we will help in decommissioning equipment and replacing them with sensible, cost effective solutions.
Unmanaged Printing Advanced Printing Care from AIS
Unknown, uncontrolled costs
Predictable costs
Toner cost is unpredictable
Fixed cost-per-page
Separate process for service and supplies
Unified service and supplies
Excess or unavailable supplies
Supplies are always available as needed
Multiple vendors and supplies
Single point of contact
Unknown print volumes
Detailed monthly reporting and accounting

Our Exceptional Service

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