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Copiers & Printers:

AIS partners with some of the industry's leading Copier & Printer providers. We're then able to offer copiers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles to businesses of all sizes and industries, offering the right copier for the business and then maintaining them for optimum print performance. This enables us to provide you technology that fits your needs, not asking you to change to fit our product offerings.  We provide equipment, service & supplies for the following manufactures:




Print Assessment:

AIS provides Print Assessments to enable us to provide you with the insight into printing habits, volume trends & enable you to optimize your printing within your organization.

Managed Print Services (MPS):

AIS takes managing printer to a whole new level.  By understanding your printers, volume trends & end-user processes enables AIS to provide analytics & suggestions for creating a coast-effective optimized environment.

Service & Support:

AIS doesn't just say we have exceptional service & support, we actually practice it.  We measure our ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience utilizing real-time data.  Below are just some of the metrics that our customers experience with AIS.

AIS prides itself in exceptional service & support

- 92% First Call Resolution

- 12K+ Calls responded to in less than 2 hours

- $10K In Parts in each Technicians vehicle

- 120 Day Parts & Supplies Inventory

- $3.8M in Parts & Supplies

- 58+ Certifications Per Technician

Production Printing



Our Exceptional Service

Factory Trained Technicians
Factory Certifications per Technician
of Supplies in each Tech Vehicle
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