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Ideas to Improve Your Business

From IT services to copiers, we've got you covered. Download any of our free eBooks or infographics or watch our educational videos and discover new ways to grow and protect your business.

Kyocera Drivers & Documents

Search for Kyocera drivers and documents for your AIS equipment.
Search Kyocera Drivers & Documents

Savin Drivers & Documents

Search for Savin drivers and documents for your AIS equipment.
Search Savin Drivers & Documents

Konica Minolta Drivers & Documents

Search for Konica Minolta drivers and documents for your AIS equipment.
Search Konica Minolta Drivers & Documents

HP Drivers & Documents

Search for HP drivers and documents for your AIS equipment.
Search HP Drivers & Documents

What Every SMB Owner Needs to Know About Security

Network and information security is hard and complicated but too important to ignore.
Download the Checklist

The 5 Critical Components of Comprehensive IT Support

Do you know the 5 most important components of good IT support? Feeling unsure? It's time to brush up. And this is a good place to start.
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(Almost) Never Worry About Your Network Security Again With Managed IT.

Nearly 7 of 10 SMBs will be hacked this year - often because of employee ignorance. How can you keep your network and information secure? Outsource your network management.
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53 Timeless Security Tips For Your SMB

Hackers Thrive on SMB Ignorance. These 53 timeless information security tips will have hackers looking for easier targets.
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No One Wants To Hack My Business. (You're Wrong.)

Hackers Love Easy Targets. If You're Like Most SMBs, You Are an Easy Target.
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Copiers Aren't Boring

Copiers aren't boring - unless you actually find saving money boring.
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The 3D Printing Buyer's Guide

Do you know what to look for in a 3D printer?
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11 Network Security Issues You Need To Know About

Are you aware of the potential dangers to your business? This guide covers 11 network security issues you need to know in order to keep your network secure.
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The SMB Backup Checklist

A sound, well-executed backup strategy ensures your critical business information is available for business continuity – and protects you from ransomware attacks. 
Download Your Backup Checklist

Is Managed IT Right for You?

Ask yourself the seven questions in this short eBook and discover if outsourcing your IT infrastructure (or even part of it) will make sense for your business.
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7 Reasons Managed IT Services Is Good for SMBs

Download our free infographic for a quick overview of how outsourced network management, backup, and more can be good for your business.
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The Advantages of AIS Managed Services

Keeping IT systems operational, available, and secure.
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Employees – Your Biggest Security Issue

What your employees don't know about information security is hurting you.
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A Network Risk Snapshot

How exposed are you? You might be surprised. A Network Risk Snapshot - the first step in our managed IT services methodology explained.
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Should We Work Together for IT Services

We work with companies to determine whether our IT services make financial sense for your company. Here's how we do it.
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Meet Monique and Dan – Your IT Services Team

Monique Phalen and Dan Willits are the public face of our IT services. See who'll you'll be working with.
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