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Supporting Your Needs During COVID - 19: We Have Your Back


Learn how your employees can begin working remote to keep your business running. 

Take advantage of AIS and partner offers to support any size business with remote work technology today.


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Weathering an Unpredictable Storm

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect our businesses, schools, and families, we feel it’s our job to inform you, our loyal customers, that your health and safety (along with the health and safety of our employees) remains our top priority. Especially, now that businesses are required to implement work from home (WFH) initiatives. 

We will continue to remain available to your business, both in-person and virtually, even when additional safety measures are recommended or required.


What We're Doing For Our Customers

To support your business needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're offering additional programs and assistance. We understand that during this time, it is critical that you can continue to communicate with your employees and customers. AIS is dedicated to providing you options to continue operating remotely and securely. AIS has the office technology tools your business needs for successful remote collaboration. These tools will promote the following products and services: 

Remote Work From Home Technologies:
  • IT Support and Services (remote monitoring and virtual networking) 
  • Telecom and Phone Systems (to support remote working)
  • Copiers and Printers (delivered and installed to your WFH office)


Additional Financial Offers 

AIS and our partners may offer even more support for your business without adding additional costs. Contact us to discuss your options.

  • Reduced monthly payments
  • 30, 60, and 90-day payment-FREE options
  • Monthly payment deferrals
  • FREE Software tools
  • Right size contracts and technology options to meet your business or financial needs.


Safety First: Measures Our Employees Are Taking

When visiting your business, please rest assured of the new safety procedures we are taking. Here's how: 

  • Follow all CDC health recommendations
  • Internal cleaning initiatives of all AIS facilities.  
  • Continuous communication to all staff with updated safety standards.
  • Utilize hand sanitizing spray before, during, and after any contact with a business, equipment, or staff members.
  • Disinfecting towel use when servicing all equipment including glass and control panels before leaving your site.
  • Temporary suspension of all travel and in-person demonstrations when required by leveraging video conferencing and telephony platforms. 

Our Partners Support Your Business

The vendors we partner with are making major efforts to support your office technology and financial needs of your business. Please contact us on how these vendor programs can assist your individual needs and challenges.





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How Do I Get Started Working From Home (WFH)?

Isn't it strange how quickly life has changed just in the past couple of weeks? As we scramble to finish last minute projects at the office and set up our new remote offices at home, it's important we think of short term and long term IT support. As challenging as it is to stay ahead of the curve during an unpredictable pandemic, it's beneficial to make sure the decisions you're making now support your future business technology needs. If you set your employees and business up with the idea of long-term success, you're operations will run much smoother when things are back to normal. Learn more about the vast technology tools for remote workers, the promotions currently being offered to your organization, the best ways to define individual and team goals, and how to appropriately communicate with each other.  Read more...

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(COVID-19) Remote Work: Short and Long Term IT Support

The horrible COVID-19 pandemic has forced so many of us to remote work and has raised many questions on business continuity, customer preservation, and short and long term IT support. The best way to remain on top of any unexpected event or serious disaster is to have a proactive approach. It’s much easier to face challenges before they happen, instead of during or after. This article gives great detail on a few significant concerns to look out for that could drastically impact the way your business continues to function. Read more to gain a better understanding of current scams, the importance of speaking with your vendors and partners in business continuity, how to utilize existing communication tools, the best way to create an IT plan quickly, and the benefits of managed IT services.  Read more...

IT Support and Disaster Recovery: Can Your Employees Work Remote When Disaster Strikes?

Many small businesses and even some medium-sized businesses lack a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. To clarify, these are two different strategies, for two different purposes. A disaster recovery strategy or cyber-attack plan is how you are going to return to normal operations when a disaster occurs. A business continuity plan tells you how you are going to continue to do business during and after an incident. COVID-19 is making us more aware of these plans and forces us to dive deeper into applying these to our new business strategies. Gain insight when considering a "Bring-Your-Own-Device" policy, a Work-From-Home policy, assessing your IT infrastructure, how to effectively change your communication efforts, and identifying your essential employees. Read more...

Maintaining The Highest Service Levels

We take pride in providing world-class service to all our customers. During these difficult times, we will continue to do everything in our power to go above and beyond your expectations. Your loyalty in us is something we value in the highest regard. 

If you need further support, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling/texting us for service at (855) 448-4247.  

We will continue to inform you of any updates or developments as they occur. 


Learn how your employees can begin working remote to keep your business running. 

Take advantage of AIS and partner offers to support any size business with remote work technology today.


Connect With an IT Expert