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Business Technology for Medical

We specialize in medical! Whether it’s EHR record-keeping, security integration, HIPAA compliance, or disaster recovery...

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Business Technology for Education

When you partner with AIS, your teachers become more efficient, and your school will streamline costs—whilealso...

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Business Technology for Legal

How much time do you or your paralegals spend on Bates stamping and interrogatories? We have solutions andapps that can...

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Business technology for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction

We’ll provide you with useful and practical tools to create per-project invoicing by the use of only one accounting...

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5 Best Questions to Ask Your Copier Dealer Before You Buy

Don't go into a huge decision of choosing a copier dealer for your business blindsided. Let us arm you with 5 questions...

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Advantages of Leasing a Copier The 4 Benefits

If you're in the market for a copier, you can either purchase it or lease it. It's customary to purchase a copier given...

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When is the Best Time to Buy an Office Copier?

Should you wait to buy an office copier when the one you have currently is just okay? Could your employees benefit from...

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How Much Does a Kyocera Copier Cost?

Everyone's been wondering; How much does a Kyocera copier cost? Well in this video, go over the features and add-ons...

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