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How to Avoid #HurricaneHarvey Scams

on Aug 29, 2017 10:42:56 AM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Insider Disaster Recovery Resources & Training Security
During every natural disaster you can count on two things: Appeals for help and a desire to support those in need The scum scam artists who attempt to cash in on the disaster Sadly, you need to be careful when donating to anything Harvey-related. As rain continues to fall on Texas and moves into Louisiana and the waters rise, these hucksters are on the prowl.
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Disaster Recovery – Stats, ROI, and Your Business' Exposure

on Aug 16, 2017 12:15:06 PM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Data Backup Disaster Recovery Managed IT Services
Disaster recovery often seems like a remote possibility for businesses relative to the day-to-day work of keeping the business running. Partly I think that's because many SMBs think “disaster” and they think flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. They then look around and think, “My odds are pretty good for missing most of those issues, I'm good.” However, when you define “disaster” as anything that causes disruption to your business, those odds change dramatically. Laptops and PCs get old and crash. Networks can be penetrated. Your users could fall for a phishing attack and expose your business to ransomware . In fact, human errors remain the top cause of downtime . Let's take a look at recent research about disaster recovery and consider what the numbers mean for your business.
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The Cloud Can Make Your Small Business Bigger

on Feb 6, 2015 12:51:19 PM By | Monique Phalen | 0 Comments | Data Backup Cloud Managed IT Services Security Disaster Recovery
Cloud computing can make your business better. When it comes to technology that can be used to assist small businesses, the cloud is certainly one of the most innovative and practical developments in recent history. Offering the ability to share documents, files, software and more across multiple computers has changed the game for many small businesses hoping to make a splash in an ultra competitive market. If you are considering utilizing the cloud to assist your small company, here are some of the top reasons why a cloud network can take your business to the next level.
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