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The Definition of a Contact Center [In Under 100 Words]

Posted by Keven Ellison | Sep 24, 2019 8:21:30 AM


A contact center is often confused with a call center. A contact center is much more than a call center as it typically can handle a variety of types of customer contacts such as phone systems (VoIP / digital), email, text (SMS), fax or direct interaction through a web site using online chat or forms.  It is the center point of all communications of customers. It may also be referred to as an e-contact center or a customer interaction center. It is part of a business’ overall CRM (customer relationship management) strategy.




Topics: Telecommunications, phones, VoIP

Written by Keven Ellison

Over the last 20+ years, Keven has had a passion in all areas of traditional and digital marketing. His main focus is how the consumer or decision makers see brands in order to develop successful programs to meet them on their turf. Prior to AIS, Keven has held senior marketing and communication posts in Financial Services, Technology, Communications, Biotech, and Lead Generation industries from start-ups to privately held and public companies. Today, he’s building a team to support the growth of AIS to become a leading brand in office technology.

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