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5 Awesome Uses For 3D Printing

Posted by Gil Mayron | Aug 12, 2016 12:04:47 PM

It’s no secret that I enjoy my job. Not only does 3D printing help our customers operate more efficiently, 3D printing is flat-out cool.

Think about what 3D printing is for a moment. You can literally print an object from a computer file in your home or office. It’s science fiction, but it’s also real. 3D printing is the coolest and most amazing technology going these days. And we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

To get you as excited as I am about 3D printing, here are five of the coolest and most interesting things I’ve seen recently about 3D printing.

Math – Not Just Theory

For simple cool factor, click here to look at a bunch of mathematical models made physical. Many of these models can only be 3D printed.

3D printed mathematical model

Dem Bones

Even if you’ve never broken a bone, you’ve almost certainly known someone who’s had a plaster cast after breaking something. While great for signatures and drawings, plaster casts itch, begin to stink, and don’t always provide support exactly where needed. Jack Evill has designed a conceptual 3D printed cast called the “Cortex exoskeleton cast.” It’s lightweight, shower friendly, and can provide support exactly where needed. Read more about it here

3D printed cast for broken bones

Regenerating Materials

Companies create concept cars all the time. This one from Mercedez is a LMP racing car. This blew my mind. It can print grip to its tires on the go to conform to racing conditions. While still a concept, you can read more about it here.  

Mercedez concept car prints grip on tires

Organ Printing

I’m not talking about the music instrument. A company called Organovo is printing tissue samples. One day we will need organ designers (same as industrial designer - but for organs). You can read about Organovo’s process, with links to publications, on their website, http://organovo.com/.

an Organovo 3D printed living tissue blood vessel

Multi-Material 3D Printing

The use of 3D printing in healthcare is steadily increasing. Doctors can have a 3D print of a patient created to plot surgical strategy. Dentists can print dentures and teeth aligners. It could even be possible to print the results of a CAT scan. 

3D printing blood vessels allow surgeons to anticipate complications during surgery

Your 3D printing needs probably aren't quite as exotic (if they are, I'd love to hear from you!). To discover how 3D printing can help your business, click on the image below to download our free eBook.

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Mathematical model from Shapeways. You can actually order that shape (and others) if you wanted, click here

Multi-Material 3D printing from Stratesys

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Written by Gil Mayron

Gil Mayron is AIS’ Director of 3D. An entrepreneur in 3D printing, Gil’s startup, BotMill, was the first to bring an assembled consumer 3D printer to the market for under $2,000. At AIS, he is focused on helping customers use 3D printing effectively and talking to new and existing customers to push the boundaries of 3D printing. He is also the current #1 Nintendo Wii tennis player in the world.

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