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Cost Control & Recovery

Printing will always be a rather large expense for companies of all sizes. This coupled with the fact that printing costs are sometimes very hard to track, printing can make for a very dangerous drain on valuable resources. Finding cost-saving techniques in this scenario presents a whole new set of challenges for businesses everywhere.
With the variety of solutions offered by your team at AIS, your company will have the chance to help reduce its overall printing costs, which will in turn improve the flexibility of the overall budget. The ultimate goal in all of this is to improve the productivity of your office while recovering costs related to printing.
Ways that AIS can help your business recover costs include:
  • Stop unauthorized printing and copying
  • Ability to direct output to the most efficient device
  • Adapt to the changing needs of your environment
  • Achieve a greater level of document security
  • Allocate printing costs based on users, departments, or projects
  • The overall success of your company is greatly routed in the fact that you are being as cost effective as possible.
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