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Technology challenges are a fact of life for every business today. A missing or ineffective technology plan hurts the availability of the technology you rely on to run your business – email goes down, data is lost, networks are slow, software must be updated, networks and information are insecure, and employees can’t collaborate. Your business needs its technology to work together like a well-oiled machine. AIS understands that workstations, servers, software programs, applications, cloud services, phone systems, copiers/printers, and mobile devices must be available or you can’t work.

You know how critical it is for systems that support core business functions to always be on. You also know how costly and ineffective it is to maintain your IT systems with in-house staff. Our Managed Network Services Program is a better way to proactively manage your technology & network. With IT managed services, we offer Remote Monitoring, Data Security Protection, Full Data Back-up, CIO Services, On-Site Support, & so much more.

Free ebook. A guide to understand how managed IT services can give your business an IT edge.

Proactive Service

Most of the time, you won’t even realize there was an IT issue. Our Proactive Support provides a stress-free customer experience by addressing 97.3% of your issues without the need to call or contact AIS. Remote systems monitoring allows us to address issues instantly. This is a key differentiator versus traditional break/fix IT "support services." You don’t have to accept the delays and headaches of break/fix any longer. Doesn’t your company deserve better?

Data Security
Loss & theft of data is one the greatest concerns for businesses.  AIS offers complete protection with a secure firewall, servers, malware & virus protection.  Our intensive Data Security tools, software & alert systems stops thieves, hackers & criminals in their tracks & gives you the assurance that you are protected by the highest security standards in the industry.


Some issues can’t be fixed remotely.  AIS dispatches our Onsite Support engineers to identify, diagnose, and resolve the issue. We go an extra step too. While onsite, our engineers evaluate your technology to ensure there are no additional issues occurring or about to occur. Our engineers are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.


Data loss can be caused by computer viruses, hardware failures, theft, fire, flood, employee negligence, and more.  Lost data can be an inconvenience, an embarrassment, or even expose you to legal action if you lose customer data. We provide Data Backup for  your business critical data so that it’s never lost.

Vendor Man

We work with you to ensure you are getting what you pay for from your technology vendors by providing complete Vendor Management. We evaluate your contracts, costs, and the deliverables you are receiving from each of your vendors and work with you to optimize your vendor relationships. Further, we work closely with your vendors to make sure you are getting the responsive  service and quality tools our customers deserve.


AIS provides all of our customers with a VCIO (Virtual CIO) to manage your account. Our CVIOs understand your business challenges, pains, and goals today and into the future. They meet with you every quarter to review the past 90 days (issues, tracking goals, and the technology plan). You VCIO also helps you plan for the future, overseeing implementation of best practices to help your business grow.



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